More and more Danish organisations establish new analytics functions in HR and some are on the verge of doing it soon. Common for most of them is that they are in the process of generating new knowledge from scratch and that this analytic approach for many is stepping on new ground. The aim is to change the HR functions to be much more based on evidence.

In NOCA we have followed this new trend with excitement and believe that there is no time as the present to initiate such a new theme group that can support Danish Companies in gaining strong HR analytics units/ strong HR intelligence, that can help HR play an even larger role also in the forecasting that is necessary to run a successful company.

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Past meetings

April 19th 2017:

Where is HR analytics now – and where is it going?

We met at CBS the 19th of April in order to take the temperature on HR analytics. Professor Dana Minbaeva gave us a brief introduction to the current research on the field and her tagline was “stop guessing – start knowing”. She talked about how we for a long time have talked about ‘evidence based decision-making’ but still it seems, that most companies struggle to use data to make better decisions. We talked about how it is important that we discuss what value the data should provide us with. What do we want to achieve? It is not necessary to have perfect data, but they have to be valid, which means that they should resonate in the organisation. 

March 15th 2016 – HR Analytics – new theme group – CBS
June 9th 2016 – Building Analytics Capabilities
September 15th 2016 – Getting your data foundation in place

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