Strong values create good results. In NOCA we have five core values:


Building Relations

In NOCA we create relations through network. We believe that good relations between people, create value for the individual and the individual company. Equal and long-term relations is a focal point for NOCA, and a necessity for creating value.

Being Confidential

Being member of NOCA means being part of a confidential community. The trust among the members is a condition for creating an atmosphere, where you can share your knowledge and thoughts safely – both on what is going great, and what is causing troubles. This confidentiality creates depth in our dialogues.

Sharing and Creating Knowledge

In NOCA we create and share knowledge. We build bridge between research and practise, and this ”bridge” creates new knowledge. However, knowledge is useless if it is not shared. Therefore NOCA provides forums where knowledge, experiences and possibilites can be shared. When knowledge is shared, it gains real value.

Creating Value

Being member of NOCA creates value for the company which holds the membership, and its employees. In NOCA we believe that this value is created through confidential relations, a strong network, and knowledge sharing and learning among the members. A membership of NOCA provides the posibility of learning and getting inspired by other member organizations, gaining that special ’something’ which the individual can process to concrete results in individual company.

Building Perspective

The themes we work with in NOCA are always current and build perspective. Our activities and themes are based in practical cases from our members’ daily life in the individual companies, and in the newest research from the universities. Thus we put the challenges you face into perspective, so everyone get some new value to bring home from the meetings.


What our members say ...

  • When I changed my career career to the HR arena, I chose to engage in NOCA to accelerate my HR knowledge. And I quickly realised that I got value for money through NOCA’s events and networks. As chairman of the association, I would like to give a little back to a not-for-profit association with a great purpose and a big vision.

    Lars Malmberg, Danske Bank

  • This years Learning Expedition made it particularly clear how even major world leading companies in these times must invest heartedly in both product innovation and the reduction of climate footprints. The importance of this development for the HR area was presented to NOCA with great openness and created exciting dialogues amongst the Danish delegation. I look forward to the next Learning Expedition.

    Peter Stolt, CBS Executive

  • The NOCA network is one of the best networks I have participated in. The meetings offer quality debates and input that give value to both me and Dong Energy.

    Pernille Alberg, Østed

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