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Global Strategy Implementation through Organization Design: Getting it Right, Getting it Done!

Global change in organizational design presents the potential threat of undermining the very underpinning of any organization. Unlike most other change programs, organizational design changes pose the threat of changing organizational cultures, power structures, and even individual´s careers. Researchers have real life insights on the challenges encountered when implementing organizational design changes. But how might we become better at integrating our different knowledge bases of relevance for all parties?

The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • Share knowledge, analytical approaches, cases, and insights among practitioners and researchers.
  • To integrate theoretical and practical knowledge on global organizational design and implementation toward making future change processes more informed, and hopefully less challenging.
  • Discuss Burton, Obel, and Haakonsson´s new, upcoming book on global organizational design changes: What are the remaining grey areas and missing aspects toward making this book useful and relevant?

Plenary Presentations:
Ass. Professor Dorthe Haakonsson, Prof. Richard Burton, Centre Director Børge Obel:
“Global Strategy Implementation through Organization Design: Getting it Right, Getting it Done!”

Jesper Sørensen, Senior Manager, Shell-member of the senior leadership team managing Change & Engagement in Shell worldwide: “Implementing in a Global Matrix Structure in Shell”.

Group Discussions:
“Research and practice – two worlds! Does it make sense?” group discussions

Plenary Dialogue:
When research hits the fan! – Can research direct future actions in implementation?

Structured Table Discussions: Facilitated discussions at the tables.

  • What are the major design and implementation challenges your firm is facing?
  • New thoughts and learning´s in your global strategies and organizational changes? What´s the missing link?

Plenary Dialogue:
New learning and practices – new competitive power!

Aarhus Universitet, Business and Social Sciences
Fuglesangs Allé 20
8210 Aarhus V

June 11th 2013
10.00 am – 03.30 pm


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