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Learning Expedition – IDG Summit 2024

15. oktober 2024 - 18. oktober 2024
kl. 19.00 - 14.00  CET

Transformational skills for Organizational Development


Join our ‘Learning Expedition – IDG Summit 2024’ designed to inspire, connect, and empower senior professionals who are curious and passionate about sustainable development to bring their organizations to the next level.   

This exclusive trip aims to provide you with inspiration and insights into sustainable development and transformational skills from the world’s leading experts and organizations. 

IDG Summit 2024

The IDG Summit (Inner Development Goals) is the IDGs annual conference, held in scenic Stockholm. This relatively new and extraordinary learning conference is focusing on human development to achieve the UN SDGs. It features experts and practitioners from leading organizations like IMD, IKEA, and Google.


  • Gain new perspectives on and tools for L&D and sustainable development in your organization
  • Connect and learn with likeminded peers how to drive sustainable development in your organization  
  • Learn from companies transforming their work and operations for future sustainability and competitive advantage.  

Program Highlights 

  • Participate in the IDG Summit with TED-style talks and art performances featuring experts such as Dan Siegel, Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, Robert Kegan, Expert on Adult Development from Harvard Graduate School and Poul Polman, Former CEO of Unilever.
  • Interactive workshops and conversations on sustainable and systemic change. 
  • Facilitated knowledge sharing, networking, debriefings, dinner and drinks with NOCA peers.

  • Exclusive company visit to Nordea: On the final day, visit Nordea in Stockholm to meet their learning community and exchange perspectives on learning and sustainable development. This unique experience will focus on integrating and apllying new knowledge in various contexts, bringing us closer to achieving learning and sustainable development goals. 

Target Group

This learning expedition is for curious, open-minded, and development-oriented professionals in senior positions, including but not limited to: Senior professionals including Heads of L&D, HR, Talent Management, Sustainability, HR Business Partners and related internal consultants. 

Included in the learning expedition 

  • Ticket for IDG Summit 2024 with all 5 tracks incl. exclusive access to the Day 2 business tracks.
  • Access to over 30 speakers and artists over 3 days. 
  • A facilitated learning and networking experience. 
  • Accomodation incl. breakfast for 3 nights at Haymarket by Scandic. 
  • Two dinners (One group dinner + The official conference closing dinner and party). 
  • 3 lunches (Two at the conference and one group lunch). 
  • A welcome drink and debriefing. 
  • A company visit in Stockholm.
  • An online introduction meeting with information about the trip where the participants can meet before the learning expedition.

Practical info and price

  • Cost: 16,500 DKK (excluding VAT and transport) 
  • Language: Danish and English. When there are English speakers in the group, plenary conversations are conducted in English  
  • Capacity: 30 participants
  • Deadline for registration/cancellation: August 30th 2024 at 10.00 CET.
  • Transportation to and from the conference is not included in the price. Recommendations for transport will be sent upon registration for the learning expedition. 

Register for the learning expedition

If you want to join your peers, please register for the trip by sending an e-mail to Cecilie Zielke-Jacobsen at czj@noca.dk with your full name, e-mail address and billing information.

If you have any questions about the program content, please contact Andreas Arentoft at aa@noca.dk. For practical questions regarding the trip please contact Cecilie Zielke-Jacobsen at czj@noca.dk.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ‘Learning Expedition – IDG Summit 2024’, where being meets action, and we grow ourselves, our connections and organizations.

Program Overview 

IDG Summit 2024

Day 1 – Tuesday, October 15th: Landing Day 

  • Arrival in beautiful Stockholm.
  • Welcome drinks and group briefing preparing for next day and to get to know each other better.

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 16th: Inspiration Day 

From trailblazers in adult development, business, leadership, sustainability, policy development & the arts, IDG speakers bring their experience, expertise and a fierce commitment to their own inner journey. 

  • Breakfast and sharing session to prepare for an extraordinary learning experience.
  • Join the IDG Summit 2024 at the iconic venue ‘Cirkus’.
  • Enjoy and engage with TED-style talks, intimate conversations, and art performances.
  • Evening dinner and group debrief to share, learn and unwind with each other.

Day 3 – Thursday, October 17th: Deep Dives Day 

Convene with others from your field or seek a new perspective in these interactive workshops, debates, and discussions aimed at transforming the way you live and lead. Gain practical tools to reimagine the playbook on sustainable and systemic change. 

  • Breakfast and sharing session to prepare ourselves for the day.
  • Tailor your IDG Summit experience with five dynamic tracks as illustrated below.
  • Participate in interactive workshops and conversations.
  • Official closing dinner and epic party.

The conference offers five tracks including two business tracks:  

1st track: A full day dedicated to scaling sustainable development in large companies hosted by WBCSD (World Business Council of Sustainable Development), who has members such as IKEA, Microsoft and Unilever, and with the purpose of creating profitable and sustainable businesses through leadership, people and organizational development.

2nd track: A full day dedicated to transforming organizations from within for the more progressive and smaller companies.    

Day 4 – Friday, October 18th: Integration 

Unwind in this optional open space between the Summit and your return home for a chance to mingle, integrate, and co-create with fellow participants, speakers, and artists. 

  • Breakfast briefing and sharing.
  • Company visit to Nordea: Engage with Nordea’s learning community to gain insights into their strategies and approaches to L&D and learn how they promote sustainable development within their organization. This part of the trip will emphasize integrating knowledge and its practical application in different contexts. Enjoy lunch with Nordea’s learning community, enhancing your opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives. 
  • Closing lunch to integrate and celebrate the learning experience.
  • Walk & talk through the scenic Stockholm city [TBD]
  • Return transport to Copenhagen. 

Here you can read more about the learning expedition and IDG Summit 2024

Many organizations face challenges adapting to the new ways of working and operating as the world changes exponentially because of new technology and cultural paradigm shifts.  

A common challenge is the current linear thinking with red tape and traditional performance management cultures that do not fit the new talents and stifles collaboration, innovation, engagement and thriving. Moreover, this approach will not solve the current and future crisis we face as humans. 

This exclusive NOCA trip is designed to inspire, connect, and empower senior professionals who are curious about L&D and dedicated to driving sustainable change within their organization and beyond. 

About IDG and IDG Summit

The IDG stands for ‘Inner Development Goals’ and is a global ‘human development framework’ co-created by 1000+ scientists, experts, and HR and sustainability professionals.  

IDG is a not-for-profit and open-source initiative whose purpose is to foster inner development as a catalyst to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2030 and a sustainable future.  

The organization collaborates with top researchers and practitioners, such as IMD, IKEA, and Google. NOCA is now collaborating with IDG as well. 

The IDG Summit is their annual and extraordinary learning conference, held in scenic Stockholm. It started in 2022 and had 1,300 in-person participants last year. The mission of the IDG Summit 2024 is to equip individuals, teams, and organizations with the transformational skills necessary to navigate the complexities of our modern world and drive meaningful change.  

They work to unlock our collective potential for sustainable development by delving into the five dimensions of the IDG framework—being, thinking, relating, collaborating, and acting.

Purpose of the Learning Expedition 

Join us for an unparalleled opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives on Learning & Development (L&D) and sustainable development. Through a curated learning experience and deep connections, we aim to ignite and fuel your passion for transformative growth for yourself and your organization and facilitate valuable and meaningful collaborations with peers and relevant stakeholders in the community. 

By joining this trip, you will get inspiration and insights that will enable you to future proof yourself and your organization. You will get insights from companies that are already transforming the way the work and operate because they not only know it is needed and right but because it will be their survival strategy and competitive advantage to stay relevant and valuable in a new and changing business landscape.  

You will also be provided with the latest research and knowledge on systemic approaches, organizational and adult development theory and more that you can use directly in your role as a leader or specialist. 

After this trip, you will be able to apply new tools and insights from best practice cases to the existing challenges you are facing in your organization. You will also be able to draw on new connections with likeminded professionals in a similar situation to you – or who is already further down the path.  

IDG Framework

The open-source IDG Framework, co-created with input from experts, scientists, practitioners and organisations worldwide, facilitates a transformation. It provides a shared language and structured roadmap to cultivate the essential inner skills needed for effective leadership, collaborative problem-solving, and sustainable societal change:

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