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How do we get both Discipline and Improvisation?

26. februar 2019
kl. 12.00 - 16.00  CET


Frederiksberg Palace

In these days of rapid change many organizations are shortening their time frame and try to implement new systems, procedures and strategies from the top-down. At the same time they encourage their staff to be agile, think creatively and adapt flexibly to the current needs of their customers and colleagues

This demand for obedience to instructions on the one hand – and a flexible agile mindset on the other – puts many people in a bind. A bind between obedience and independence. Between discipline and improvisation. This is stressful and lowers motivation and performance. Something top management react to by issuing even more instructions and demands for creative thinking!

The military has a long tradition for solving this dual problem in leadership. It is a method that puts focus on alignment around purpose and intent and gives much autonomy to the individual leader as long as several simple standards are followed. This approach has demonstrated that it also can inspire effective leadership outside the military.  

Join us for a meeting in the famous Riddersal at Frederiksberg Palace, where we will discuss these perennial dilemmas of leadership and how they can be solved.

The meeting will alternate between short presentations and group discussions and exercises. We will meet the Heads of Leadership training Vilhelm Holsting and Henrik Gildberg from the Royal Danish Defence College, who will share their experience with leading during adversity, being torn between demands for both obedience and autonomy.


We will refer to the book The Art of Action and heartily recommend participants to browse it before the meeting.

Join us in asking critical questions on whether or not a military doctrine with roots going back to the 19th century really can be relevant and useful in this high tech and globalised leadership environment?



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