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NOCA is an inclusive association based on knowledge sharing and networking within HR-related topics. NOCA members are characterized by:

  • Public and private companies and organizations
  • Universities and other educational institutions
  • Consulting companies focusing on organisational and management development

What binds together is the desire for a learning environment where sharing of knowledge and experience as well as insight into the latest HR research creates curiosity and shared learning for the benefit of the company’s competitive power. 

NOCA’s activities are characterized by the “something for something” principle. In practice, it means that members must be prepared to contribute positively with sharing their knowledge and experience from their daily work. This structure creates a knowledge sharing environment between our member organizations. 

The interests of NOCA range from business development, strategic competence development, organisational design, talent development, management development, employer branding, global HR, social media, etc. It is the members who set the agenda and the topics change when new needs arise.

So if you have an agenda or subject you want us to focus more on, then please reach out to us at

Our members say ...

  • This years Learning Expedition made it particularly clear how even major world leading companies in these times must invest heartedly in both product innovation and the reduction of climate footprints. The importance of this development for the HR area was presented to NOCA with great openness and created exciting dialogues amongst the Danish delegation. I look forward to the next Learning Expedition.

    Peter Stolt, CBS Executive

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