NOCA Membership

The benefits of being part of a professional HR association like NOCA are many:

The network meetings

As a participant in NOCA’s network meetings you get access to:

  • Knowledge sharing and an exchange of experiences with colleagues from other organisations.
  • Links between theory and practice.
  • Inspiration from other organisations – Best Practice.
  • Feedback on your own company’s issues and challenges.

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NOCAs Annual Day

NOCA’s Annual Day takes on the prevailing topics of interest within HR, and within our member companies, each year. On this day, the most current challenges are explored and discussed, and participants get inspired by leading researchers and practitioners to help develop HR within their own organisation.

Academy of Management Annual Conference (AOM)

NOCA organises a yearly trip to the annual AOM conference. Traveling with NOCA means significantly increased returns, as NOCA organises debriefing sessions every day to support learning from each days many presentations.

NOCA thus creates an overview of an otherwise insurmountable conference and creates a better learning environment. With NOCA helping to link the many experiences of the conference to real-life practices, participants of NOCA’s AOM trip will be able to successfully incorporate what they have learned into their own organisations.

Each year, between 20 – 40 people participate in this tour, making it a great networking opportunity.

The Cranet Conference,

Since 2012, NOCA has been a partner with CBS and CBS Executive in the year’s premier HR Conference event – The Cranet Conference, which has been implemented at CBS for almost 30 years.

The Cranet Conference is based on a collaboration between more than 50 countries where, every 4-5 years, a comprehensive international survey is implemented to gauge the real life challenges and within the HR community. This survey is both interesting nationally, where local benchmarks are helpful, and internationally, where it is possible to compare data across national borders. The report published is a solid HR reference work. In the years during which this survey is conducted, the report is part of the annual conference.

The Cranet Conference builds bridges between research and practice by having leading researchers and practitioners as lecturers and facilitators.

Learning Expeditions

Once a year, NOCA typically arranges a study trip to a foreign business school or a learning expedition for foreign companies somewhere in Europe.

The purpose of these trips is to focus on the research and teaching that takes place there, and to create networks and learning in the group of participants for the purpose of anchoring learning in their own organisation.

On Learning Expeditions we are invited to discuss the HR challenges that our company hosts are currently taking.

Knowledge Exchange

In addition to the knowledge exchange that naturally comes from the above activities, knowledge and experience are shared freely between member companies on NOCA’s website, partly bilaterally with the persons whom they have established contact with and thus become part of the personal network.

As a member of NOCA, an organisation can expect an increased knowledge of the interaction between business development and strategic competence development.

A NOCA member gains access to international research and knowledge of organisational and management development and inspiration for further development of Corporate Academies.


As a member organisation, NOCA participants are supported and given the opportunity to receive evaluations and advice in relation to their organisation’s own HR processes, educational functions and development activities.



Our members say ...

  • Through NOCA, I have built a strong and relevant network with other major companies in Denmark. Here I get inspiration and discussion.

    Anne Bisbjerg Lee, Novozymes

  • The NOCA network is one of the best networks I have participated in. The meetings offer quality debates and input that give value to both me and Dong Energy.

    Pernille Alberg, Østed

  • NOCA’s Annual Day is the best conference I have attending for years – both in content and form.

    Henrik Holt Larsen, CBS

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