Diversity and Inclusion is important for organisations ability to build an environment and practices where individuals can be themselves and be supported to work at their best.

Diversity and Inclusion - NOCA

It’s about knowing and going beyond the legislative and compliance requirements. This way you can create and implement approaches that ensure individuals flourish, whilst also enabling organizations to fulfil their responsibilities. Creating a truly inclusive environment requires the integration of diversity into policies, processes and the wider organisation system.

The theme is for all but especially designed to fit HR professionals responsible for Diversity and Inclusion projects in their organization. In addition to HR Specialists, the theme will also accommodate HR Business Partners and/or HR Professionals responsible for Leadership Development, Talent Management and/or Employee Engagement initiatives.

Key Questions

  • How can organisations work on improving gender balances?
  • What are the effects of D&I initiatives on individual and organisational performance?
  • What is best practice within this theme?

Key Content

  • D&I policies
  • D&I initiatives
  • Leadership
  • HR Strategy and KPIs
  • Talent Management

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