The theme aims to broaden the scope of resourcing and explore an analytical approach for making effective recruitment decisions based on an understanding of the labour market, market position, unique people proposition and basic job analysis.

Resourcing - NOCA

Recruitment involves attraction and selection of individuals into the right role at the right time and cost. It is about using relevant workforce planning data and knowing the right recruitment approaches and digital tools to tap into diverse candidate pools, both active and passive.

The Resourcing theme is for all but especially designed to fit HR professionals working with Recruitment and/or Talent Attraction. Since emphasis is on Strategic Workforce Planning the theme will also accommodate HR professionals involved in strategic HR projects and/or organizational transformation projects

Key Questions

  • How can organisations identify future resource and competence GAPs?
  • How can organisations attract talent to meet future business needs?

Key Content

  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Integration of social media in recruitment
  • Market insights and analysis
  • Recruitment, selection and search
  • Sourcing approaches

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