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AI in HR: Transformation with AI to Architect Future-Ready Organizations

09. November 2023
kl. 10.00 - 11.00  CET

How might HR engage with AI and in that way hold space for futures of organizations that we wish for?

Our esteemed speaker, Shameem Farouk, is the Executive Vice President of Digital Capability Development with Maybank. She has succeeded with an extensive training program in AI for employees of the largest bank in Malaysia. With NOCA’s members, she will share learnings from the digital transformation journey, where Maybank is today, and her visions for the future of AI in Maybank and organizations beyond.

To successfully transform organizations and HR with AI, it’s essential to consider data privacy, ethical implications, and the need for ongoing training and upskilling of employees to work effectively alongside AI systems. A clear strategy, buy-in from leadership, and a phased approach to implementation are crucial for success. But how can we think about transforming HR with AI?

 A few thought-experiments on transforming HR with AI for our NOCA members to ponder:

1. Recruitment and Talent Acquisition:

AI can analyze resumes, conduct initial screenings, and predict candidate suitability based on historical data, saving time and improving hiring decisions. When AI is biased, this becomes an impactful process. How is the process biased today?

2. Employee Onboarding:

Chatbots and AI-driven platforms can provide new employees with information and support during the onboarding process, ensuring a smoother transition. Where are the gains and losses here?

3. Employee Engagement:

AI can monitor employee sentiment through surveys, feedback analysis, and social media monitoring, helping HR address issues proactively. How do wish for that to happen? Do we wish for that?

4. Performance Management:

AI can provide insights into employee performance based on various data sources, aiding in data-driven performance evaluations. These evaluations may be more fair than humanly biased evaluations, or maybe not?

5. Learning and Development:

AI-driven learning platforms can personalize training programs, recommend courses, and track employee progress to enhance professional growth. What is gained here, what is lost?

6. Workforce Planning:

AI can forecast workforce needs, helping HR plan for recruitment, succession planning, and talent development. How do we aleviate this option for the common good?

7. Employee Benefits and Wellness:

AI can help design and optimize employee benefit packages, as well as provide resources for employee wellbeing and stress management. How does this become a help?

8. Retention Analysis:

AI can identify factors contributing to employee turnover and provide insights for retention strategies. How can AI help us learn and see patterns?

9. Diversity and Inclusion:

AI can identify biases in HR processes and help create more diverse and inclusive workplaces. How do we ensure that development?

10. Employee Feedback and Support:

Chatbots and AI-driven tools can offer employees a platform to seek HR support and information 24/7. Do we need 24/7 access? What is lost, and what is gained?

How might HR engage with AI and in that way hold space for futures of organizations that we wish for?


Shameem Farouk

Executive Vice President, Digital Capability Development at Maybank

As an Executive in Residence for INSEAD, Shameem Farouk from Malaysia’s largest bank, Maybank, is currently conducting research on using Artificial Intelligence. This includes technologies such as Generative AI and Machine Learning to accelerate Digital Transformation in organizations and to promote greater Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She is responsible for the development and implementation of the Maybank Group’s FutureReady programme which was the first Digital mass up-skilling programme launched among financial institutions in Malaysia.  

The FutureReady programme has contributed over RM1 Billion (USD250M) in business impact over the past three years to Maybank Group. Shameem introduced numerous innovations in the Talent Development area such as the Maybank Excel Artificial Intelligence Tool (MEAT), the Artificial Intelligence Learning Hub, Fintech & Startup Immersion Programme, the Go Disrupt Challenge, an Impact Learning methodology, Career Pathing Decision Support Tool, Maybank’s Social Media Marketing training and Digital Market Intelligence training programs. She has championed and led the democratization of AI and Machine Learning for all levels in Maybank including increasing the Female representation in Technology (The Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning program which Shameem co-developed and led enabled 52% of the participants who were Women to be certified in AI and Machine Learning contributing to greater Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Technology)

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