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Employee Experience starts with pre- and onboarding! (Online)

20. August 2020
kl. 12.30 - 15.00  CET

You will never get a second chance at a first impression

Employee Experience is important in securing the employees’ journey through the organization. We all know it! But still, it can be difficult to comprehend exactly where to begin.

This meeting is based on the assumption, that pre- and onboarding is not only a question of making the hiring process fun for new employees, but a question of creating a strong relation between the organization and the new employees.

This relation will affect retention, engagement, performance and personal development. Moreover, this has the ability to affect whether or not, in and after their employment, the person will act as an ambassador for the organization.

onboarding - NOCA

At this meeting you will gain inspiration for how to avoid overloading new employees with piles of materials and poorly scheduled initiatives, which signals amateurism and that it might have been a mistake for the person to take the job to begin with.

Especially in the first phases of the employment experience, the employees are prone to draw rash conclusion and in their way through the organization, these early experiences can become enlarged and distorted. A good place to start is therefore a well-structured pre- and onboarding programme:

Effects of pre- and onboarding

  • 69% of employees are more prone to stay with a company for three years if they experience a successful onboarding programme.
  • New employees, who went through a structured programme, are 58% more likely to stay in the organization for more than three years.
  • Organizations with well-established onboarding processes see 50% more productivity in new employees.


Join us in this network meeting where you will meet Ph.d. Leo Smidt, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Chr. Hansen, Bo Gøtz, and Talent Acquisition Manager at Bestseller, Rasmus Kjær.

Leo SmithLeo Smidt onboarding - NOCA

At this event you will meet Leo Smith, who has a Ph.d. from Aarhus University.

His research primarily focuses on what value an organization gains, when management focuses on recruitment and onboarding as a part of their strategy for business development.

Leo’s presentation will focus on Onboarding-research as well as the specific results of his own research, which investigates the interaction between mentoring and pre-hire.

Susie Lynge

You will hear about the work that Chr. Hansen does in preparing a structured pre- and onboarding programme, which they call: Come Fly with Me. Chr. Hansen has previously not put a great deal of focus into onboarding their new employees, and therefore it has taken a big effort to get the new programme up and running.

The new programme entails:

  • 365 days of onboarding (previously it was 30 days)
  • Standardization of exit-interviews, which ensures validity thereon.
  • Creating a global aligned method of dealing with employee termination.
  • Securing a focus on support, when an employee changes job within the organization.

Come Fly with Me strengthens the boarding experience through four different boarding-phases, which define the unique Chr. Hansen way of welcoming new members – but it also ensures a good transition between jobs for existing employees.

Bo Gøtz - NOCABo Gøtz is Global Head of Talent Acquisition in Chr. Hansen encompassing employer branding, recruitment and the boarding initiative “Come Fly with Me”. Bo will tell the story on how Chr. Hansen designed and implemented “Come Fly with Me” adding a higher return on investments. Today, “Come Fly with Me” ensures that highly skilled knowledge workers are on-boarded in a way that improves time-to-succeed and improves employee engagement levels significantly. 

Bestseller - NOCA

BESTSELLER, will at this event share their journey of working with a new pre- and onboarding programme. BESTSELLER hires more than 7.000 new employees each year, therefore it has been crucial for them to create an onboarding process, which is user friendly and can be applied globally.

To support this, they are working on implementing an online platform, which makes onboarding easy to access for both the organization and the new employees.

Rasmus Kjær BestsellerRasmus Kjær, Talent Acquisition Manager & HRBP Region North at BESTSELLER. It has not been a straight forward project to implement a new onboarding programme and Rasmus will share some of the challenges they have faced along the way and the decisions they had to make.

Should you wish to cancel your registration for this event, it must be done no later than 24 hours beforehand.

There is a No-show fee of 500 KR (ex. moms)

ATTENTION: Lunch will be served at location at 12.00.

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