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HR Business Partner Day (Live event: Full)

23. November 2023
kl. 09.30 - 16.00  CET

Dear HR Business Partner and NOCA member,

We are excited to invite you to NOCA’s HR Business Partner Day, a conference organized in collaboration with Nordea. The purpose of our HR Business Partner Day is to enhance your competencies as an HR Business Partner and provide you with tips and inspiration to address the challenges you encounter in your role.

Update: If you did not get a seat within our room limitations, don’t worry – we also offer an online sign-up option! Check our event calendar.

We aim to cover a range of key topics central to navigating the modern HR landscape:


Navigating Complexity with Helen Tracy, Harvard Business Publishing

Principal Learning Partner with Harvard Business Publishing, Helen Tracy, will explore recent research and thought leadership on the topic of complexity. She will outline some of the different approaches organizations are taking to equip leaders with the perspectives, mindsets and skills they need to effectively navigate complexity. How do leaders create value for their organizations, their teams, and themselves? You will be invited to ask questions and bring your own insights to navigating complexity in your roles.


Strategic Workforce Planning with Henrik Kragh Møller from

Strategic workforce planning is a cornerstone of the HR function. We will explore best practices and innovative approaches to prepare for future challenges, including how to adapt to changing work environments and needs. In this session, we will also focus on how you, as an HR Business Partner, can assist leaders in unlocking the full potential of their teams and creating a culture of continuous learning and development.


Inclusive Transformation Leadership with Rebecca Harvey from Workz

Change management is essential for the success of any organization. Senior Consultant and Partner from Workz, Rebecca Harvey, will discuss how to navigate through transformation and manage teams in a dynamic world. We will explore the role of leadership in creating a culture of change and innovation, and how you, as an HR Business Partner, can facilitate and support leaders in making the culture leadership-ready.


Change & Strategy Implementation with Lotte Schiffer from Nordea

Nordea’s Head of People for Group Functions, Lotte Schiffer will share her experience in successfully implementing new HR Business Partner set-up, including the change initiatives and strategies. We will learn from practical examples of how to effectively implement changes and ensure that strategies are translated into actions. In this session, we will also focus on how you, as a HR Business Partner, can advise and support leaders at all levels in the organization and become an agile and proactive HR partner.


Business Partnering for the Future

Panel with Helen Tracy, Henrik Kragh Møller, Rebecca Harvey and Lotte Schiffer

To tie it all together, we invite you to a panel discussion with the focus “Business Partnering for the Future,” where our insightful presenters will have the opportunity to share their perspectives and reflect together with you, NOCA’s esteemed HR Business Partner community, on the future.


We are confident that HR Business Partner Day will be an enriching experience, strengthening your skills, increasing your insights, and providing valuable networking opportunities with like-minded professionals. Do not hesitate to secure your spot today, as there are limited seats available.

We look forward to welcoming you to a day filled with inspiration and opportunities for learning – as an HR Business Partner and as a human being.


Nordea HQ

Grønjordsvej 10

2300 Copenhagen


Lotte Schiffer, Head of People Group Functions at Nordea

Lotte is an accomplished HR strategist with a background in international corporate settings. As the Head of People Group Functions at Nordea, she excels in recruiting top talent, fostering sustainable organizations, and cultivating a performance-driven culture guided by a strong purpose and values. Lotte is recognized for her exceptional stakeholder relationships and her dedication to developing employee talent.

Rebecca Harvey, Senior Consultant & Partner at Workz

With two decades of professional experience and an unwavering passion for continual improvement, Rebecca is a dynamic force in the world of consulting. Her expertise is rooted in leadership development and driving transformative change at personal, cultural, and organizational levels. Rebecca’s career encompasses consultancy, entrepreneurial ventures, and collaborations with think tanks, allowing her to make a lasting impact on major organizations, small businesses, NGOs, and UN agencies.

Henrik Kragh Møller, Director at

Henrik is a highly experienced Senior Executive with a remarkable career spanning over two decades. He specializes in Strategic Workforce Planning, Organizational Assessment, and Leadership Excellence, consistently delivering measurable results. Henrik is an expert in large-scale change management for Integration, Spin-offs, and M&A, and has a global perspective, having led projects in Talent Development, Employer Branding, and several other strategic efforts.

Helen Tracy, Principal Learning Partner with Harvard Business Publishing

Helen is a passionate advocate for lifelong learning, leadership, and sustainable organizational performance. Her diverse interests span nurturing individual and organizational purpose, fostering high-performance and promoting strong mental-wellbeing at work. With over two decades of experience, she has successfully led teams in delivering global cross-sector leadership development projects that yield measurable business impact.

Anders Ibsen, Senior Partner, LPI

Anders has over 20 years of experience in leadership positions in the military, finance, and consulting. He specializes in implementing the Leadership & Specialist Pipeline framework. Anders has designed high-impact solutions for organizations worldwide, focusing on leadership development and HR strategy. He led the implementation of the Leadership Pipeline framework at Nordea, and now leads LPI’s global research projects. Anders also shares his expertise as a lecturer at institutions like London Business School and Rotterdam School of Management.

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