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Motivating employees for healthy habits (Online)

29. November 2022
kl. 09.00 - 11.15  CET

Maybe you have noticed it in your team, organization, or just for yourself that when you are less active it has a clear effect on your mental state/health. Evidence suggests that sedentary behavior is typically associated with poorer mental health. The Covid-19 pandemic increased physical inactivity and stress worldwide, especially for groups whose daily activities were disrupted, such as office workers.

The pandemic has changed the way many of us work, and many organizations have implemented a more flexible working environment where employees can work from home. In this new way of working, we are still faced with the struggles of an environment which is more physically inactive than before.

So how can we change this environment and motivate employees to become more active? Join us at this NOCA event where Mikala Larsen, Delphine Thygesen and Åsa Lindskog from Nestlé will share their journey with creating an environment which fosters healthy habits.

Also joining us is Stefano De Dominicis, Assistant Professor of Sport and Health Psychology at University of Copenhagen. Stefano will share results from his new study ‘Active Breaks and work-related stress’.

We will dive deeper into the areas of:

  • How did Nestlé work with creating a culture of healthy habits?
  • Examples of the ‘Pleaz’-platform that Nestle implemented to support healthy habits
  • How to use ambassadors to drive some of the healthy habit’s initiatives
  • Research perspectives on active breaks and work-related stress

The well-being of our employees should be of top priority, but it is not easy! If you agree, then join us at this NOCA event where we will dive deeper into this area of opportunities.


Mikala Larsen, Head of Nordic HR at Nestle Nordic

Mikala has 15 years of experience within Human Resources, the last 10 years at Nestlé. She works in all areas of Human Resources, including strategic planning, recruitment, onboarding of new employees, training & development, employee relations, performance management, labor market relations, coaching, facility management and safety & health. Besides this she is also a board member and makes appearances as a key-note speaker.


Delphine Thygesen, Nordic Quality Assurance Specialist and Cultural Ambassador, Nestlé Nespresso

Delphine has worked at Nestle for the last 7 years where she works with embedding the quality culture across the organization. Within this role she is also a Cultural Ambassador where her role is to inspire, enable and engage her colleagues around healthy behaviors. Furthermore, Delphine also works as Nordic People & Culture Project Lead where her primary focus is to create and execute strategies in line with the People & Culture Agenda.


Åsa Lindskog, HR Business Partner Nordic, Nestlé

Åsa is an experienced HR professional with 15 years in regional as well as global HR Business Partnering roles for companies like IKEA, Schneider Electric and Tetra Pak. Åsa joined Nestlé as HR Business Partner 8 months ago and combines her role with being an ambassador for Healthy Behaviors, primarily focusing on stress & resilience.  


Prof. Stefano De Dominicis, PhD, PsyD

Stefano De Dominicis is a chartered psychologist, currently Head of International Affairs at the Cenpis Group, where he manages and conducts international executive coaching and sport mental coaching sessions and projects with elite teams, athletes, and executives. He is also Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sport and Health Psychology at the University of Copenhagen. Stefano is also Founder and CEO of Raise the Mind, and spends time as a key-note speaker, consultant, and author.


Matias Welsien, Co-founder and CXO of Pleaz  

Matias Welsien is one of the co-founders of Pleaz. As the Chief Experience Officer, he is leading development projects including major updates on Pleaz’s wellbeing platform, the insurance of wellbeing of the 30 employees in Pleaz and scientific collaboration with the biggest institutions in Denmark. Pleaz was founded in 2020 and Nestlé was the first customer of the company, who has been a great partner since the beginning.


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