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The future of coaching – visions and wishes (Online)

12. April 2023
kl. 09.00 - 11.00  CET

At this NOCA event, we once again introduce Reinhard Stelter, but this time, he will talk about his perspectives on the future of coaching as a transformative dialogue. According to Reinhard, coaching has changed through time; how was it before and how is it now? Why are these changes necessary? Maybe even more important: how are we going to practice coaching in the future and integrate transformative dialogues in our organizations in a respectful and developmental way?

In this session, we will also look into which position coaching, as a transformative dialogue, can have in organizations, and how leaders and other members of the organization can be inspired in their work through dialogical practice. Lastly, Reinhard will unfold how coaching can work as a form of dialogue with moments of symmetry between the involved parts – which he views as a desirable way for the future.      

In this session, we look into:

  • How do we practice coaching in the future?
  • What is the future of coaching?
  • How do we adapt our organizations to work with coaching as a transformative dialogue for the future?

If you think this sounds interesting, don’t hesitate to sign up, and hear about the future of coaching.

Reinhard Stelter, Professor of coaching and sports psychology, University of Copenhagen.

He holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is an accredited coaching psychologist. He has many years of experience in coaching as a teacher, researcher and practitioner. He is visiting professor at Copenhagen Business School and affiliated as a lecturer and senior coach at the Copenhagen Coaching Center. Reinhard has held coaching workshops and lectures in USA, England, Australia, South Africa, and many European countries.

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