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Introduction to NOCA (Online)

17. June 2022
kl. 10.00 - 10.30  CET

At this introduction to NOCA you’ll get to know us. We are a non-profit association that unites HR professionals from some of Denmark’s largest organizations. The purpose is to create a space for knowledge sharing for HR Professionals and to ensure the development of the HR discipline. As an employee in a NOCA-organization you can join the conversation!

Values of NOCA


How do I gain the most from my NOCA-membership?

As a new employee in one of our membership organizations or as an employee in an organization which has just become a member of NOCA, you might have a lot of questions about how to gain the most from your membership and how NOCA really contributes to your work life. Furthermore, there might be practical questions about the association, our activities and the different procedures for NOCA-members.

About the event

At this online meeting we will introduce you to NOCA and everything that you can expect when becoming a NOCA-member.

Online you will meet other NOCA-members and the NOCA team, who will introduce you to what we offer and answer any questions you might have about NOCA and the practical aspects of being a part of the association.

  • We will review:

    • What NOCA is
    • What NOCA offers its members
    • How you can take part in setting the agenda for NOCA
    • The practical elements of signing up and cancelling participation for events and getting your own user on

At the event you will be able to ask any questions, you might have about NOCA.

Are you not sure if you work in an organization, that is a NOCA-member? See our list of members here!

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To log in to, you as NOCA member must use the email address you provided to NOCA as a username along with the password that was provided to you. If you have trouble logging in, please contact the webmaster at:
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