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Online Learning and Collaboration

23. October 2018
kl. 08.00 - 09.50  AM - CET

Be inspired and motivated on how to facilitate group processes at online video conference calls. This time with a focus on optimal learning and collaboration.

Many HR people are skilled in facilitating collaboration and learning, but lack inspiration on how to do it well in video conference.  Learning and Collaboration - NOCA

At this personally facilitated video conference we will all work very actively with learning and collaboration online. Join the meeting to experience and be inspired on how to improve the overall online learning and collaboration in your organization.

This is a highly interactive meeting and the participants are expected to join with an open mind and willingness to engage personally in the exercises and sharing. You are expected to watch about 10 minutes of video before the meeting.  If this is your first time at one of our Online Facilitation meetings, you must watch an additional 10 minutes of video to be ready to participate fully.

The session is facilitated by Lars Hoffmann who has a long background in facilitation, learning design, teaching and personal leadership development both on- and offline.

Broadband, headset and individual webcam is required of participants.

Online Facilitation Training

Commit to join all of our 7 Online Facilitation Training meetings, do the required homework and get certified in Online Facilitation. This program will provide you with unique skills as a virtual consultant or learning designer. Read more here.

Global relevance

Please forward this invitation to your HR-colleagues outside Denmark! They don’t usually subscribe to NOCA’s newsletter, but they can benefit fully from this meeting. Encourage them to subscribe in order to join our many future online events.

We speak English

Please forward this invitation to your English-speaking HR-colleagues! They don’t always subscribe to NOCA’s newsletter, but they can benefit fully from this meeting (In groups where everyone speaks Danish, we’ll be speaking Danish however).

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