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Changing your performance management mindset

28. November 2018
kl. 12.00 - 16.00  CET

In recent years, the annual rating and scoring approach to Performance Management has undergone critique from many of the companies that brought it into practice.

Many has felt that the system is too reactive and stresses the ‘system’ and the past at the expense of current and future issues at work. It may even cause suboptimization and slow down agility and change, as KPI’s set one year back become the guiding lights of an organization that can hardly remember what was important last year. 

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The meeting:

Join us for a meeting at Nets, who will tell us about their journey and experience with abandoning ‘classic’ Performance Management thinking. Lars Novrup, Head of HR Development & Talent Attraction, will tell us about Nets and their new way of thinking Performance Management. Lars will describe how the purpose of the new mindset is to increase agility, the ability react to current events and change faster. 

Nets has replaced the annual Performance Reviews with ‘Check-Ins’. Now the employee has the ongoing responsibility to book his or her manager for brief or longer dialogues to align work, priorities, development and feedback. Nets will guide us through the results, they have with this new approach – including the challenges of designing, implementing and running with the approach.  

We’ll use this case and opportunity to engage with all participating members in a deep dive into the potential and pitfalls of our current and future approaches to Performance Management and all the HR factors they involve.  We will question such as:

  • What are the demands for the managers when changing the Performance Management paradigm? The process is removed and must be replaced by good leadership. When are you ready?
  • What are the consequences for rewards? When ratings are removed, how do you ensure that rewards are fair?
  • What demands does this put on the employees in the organization?

Please join and contribute to a high level of sharing, engagement and knowledge creation for everyone.

We speak English

Please forward this invitation to your English-speaking HR-colleagues! They don’t always subscribe to NOCA’s newsletter, but they can benefit fully from this meeting (In groups where everyone speaks Danish, we’ll be speaking Danish however).


Arrivals and sandwich from 11.30-12.00

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