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Building the HR Analytics Function – step by step

What does it take to succeed within the “HR Analytics” space?

At this point, everyone agrees that analytics and evidence-based decisions are the future. The path to the ultimate goal has been identified, steps have been defined, and successful cases and “how we did it” stories are ready to guide our way.

  • So, after five years of extensive conversations, why do we still have so far to go?
  • Why do companies still struggle to rip the benefits from human capital analytics?


HR analytics - NOCA

Short presentations:

Professor Dana Minbaeva, CBS, will address these questions and give us the latest update about Human Capital Analytics based on her research over the last five years. In doing so, Dana will also be laying the tracks for our workshop’s theme: What does it take to succeed within the “HR Analytics” space?


This meeting’s workshops focuses on the different phases in building an analytics function. Pete Jaworski, Nordea,will give you a brief introduction to three main components that your company’s HR Analytics program should have a good handle on to maximize impact:

  • a robust data foundation,
  • regular reporting services meeting internal customers’ needs, and
  • the ability to dive deep and explore HR data on topics of specific interest to the organization.


Groups dialogue – enriching each other

At our latest meeting in this group it was decided to have a meeting, where you engage in group dialogue with peers sharing the same focus based on your needs. After the introductions from Dana and Pete we will therefore break into three groups – one for each theme – and within these groups engage in discussing what the group finds most interesting. In other words, this is a meeting where you can talk about what you find most important to move on developing HR Analytics capabilities in your organization.

You will take away a collection of ideas and tips about what has worked well and not-so-well for peer organizations.


Future NOCA HR Analytics Workshops coming in autumn 2018 building on this workshop:

The three above-mentioned components will each become focal themes at separate NOCA workshops coming in the autumn:

  • Robust data foundationfocusing on the importance of linking HR data back to key organizational/HR KPIs, assigning data ownership, then defining and cataloguing all data fields and metrics. This roadmap will serve as a guide for building a data warehouse and managing data quality with efficiency.
  • Regular reporting services aligned to customer needsdetailing the pros & cons of fully-serviced/manual vs. self-service/automated delivery. Topics will include identifying your customer needs, making BI tool investments vs. less expensive workarounds, and preparing for the impact of GDPR on your service delivery.
  • Deep-dive HR data explorationaddressing a few HR topics commonly requested for deep-dive reporting and analysis by senior management. These requests can serve as a starting point for delving into “advanced” linkage and predictive analytics, presenting a golden opportunity for increasing the impact and visibility of your HR Analytics program.

Further details about those events will follow.

But before that we invite you to join this initial meeting to engage in a workshop where you will have the opportunity to get an overview, and find the topic that interests you most.

Where is your organization on the HR Analytics journey?

Join the group that interest you the most and bring new inspiration and valuable new knowledge back to your organization.

It is our hope that the dialogue in each group will feed interesting ideas into the subsequent workshops in the autumn where we will have a chance to dive even deeper into this.



CBS – Copenhagen Business School


Kilevej 14A

2000 Frederiksberg



Monday the 18th June 2018

From 9.00 to 13.00.

A sandwich will be served towards the end of the meeting.


We speak English

Please forward this invitation to your English-speaking HR-colleagues! They don’t always subscribe to NOCA’s newsletter, but they can benefit fully from this meeting (In groups where everyone speaks Danish, we’ll be speaking Danish however).

Read more about ‘People Analytics’ here.

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