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Talent Acquisition & Recruitment in 2021/22 (Online)

21. September 2021
kl. 09.00 - 11.30  CET

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment have seen significant changes in recent years due to the impact the pandemic has had on job markets around the world. Many of these changes are likely to stick around for a while, enabling improvements and development of key processes within talent attraction, selection, and assessment. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of new trends and industry-changes as a recruiter.

Talent Acquisition - NOCA

At this NOCA-meeting we look at how our members can use key talent sourcing technologies e.g., and how AI and ATS are changing the recruitment processes. We consider the importance of auditing the mandate- and framing the role of Talent Acquisition within the organization. This is needed to create a new mindset that allows more proactive and efficient practices in our organizations. Lastly, we raise the question:

What new technologies and processes are to impact our sourcing practices in the years to come?

To answer these questions, we are joined by experienced speakers within the field of TA and technologies. Our speakers represent Topdanmark and Nets Group, and potentially additional cases.

Michael Falkner, Head of Talent Attraction at Nets Group, will introduce us to the new sourcing technologies that Nets recently implemented. He will focus on how Nets work with Talent Communities. Michael will share his thoughts about how he believes that AI- and CRM/ATS-technology will impact the future TA-processes.

Martin Bøgelund Arvidsen, Employer branding & Talent Acquisition Lead at Topdanmark, will set the scene for Talent Acquisition’s strategic role. He will share his experiences and reflections from Topdanmark, and will dive into the critical questions of:

  • How to ensure alignment between TA activities and the business strategy?
  • How does TA become a management focus?
  • What is TA’s core task and which processes, tasks, and stakeholders are crucial to TA’s success?


Michael Falkner - NOCA

 Michael Falkner, Head of Talent Attractions, Nets Group

Michael has been working in Talent Acquisition for more than 15 years. As Head of Talent Attraction at Nets Group and has the responsibility for the full lifecycle from Employer Branding, Attracting, Recruiting, and Onboarding of top talent across business units and geographies. He joined Nets Group as Head of Talent Attraction a little more than a year ago, but before this, he has been at companies like Rambøll, Accenture, and Hays. He has extensive experience in driving international Acquisition processes as well as designing and implementing global recruitment systems. But he also has an unusual background as Detective from the Copenhagen National Police. Maybe, this is what drives his interest in hunting for talent.

Martin Bøgelund Arvidsen - NOCA

Martin Bøgelund Arvidsen, Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition Lead, Topdanmark

As Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition lead Martin has a large focus on the digital agenda. He works on Volume sourcing, process audits, and improvements of a broad variety of Talent Acquisition disciplines. Martin has been in HR for more than 20 years and started his focus on Talent Acquisition 7+ years ago. He has previously worked on Employer Branding and TA at companies like PFA and GN. He is passionate about data and hard facts and aims for cross-functional collaborations. Martin has operated within a global, regional, and country context in the Chemical-, MedTech- and Financial sector.

Christian Jørgensen - NOCAChristian Jørgensen, Head of Talent Acquisition, Ørsted

With more than 25+ years of experience Christian has extensive knowledge of areas like Executive Search & Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. He also has experience building management platform for winning in the market, leadership development and talent management, coaching executives, hiring and onboarding executives, and assessment all within a global company context. Christian has been with Ørsted for the past seven years, both as Head of Recruitment, Head of Sourcing & Analytics and now as Head of Talent Acquisition. He has previous experience from companies like G4S and TDC. He will share his perspectives on the future of TA & recruitment with us. 

Jacob Wolter - NOCA

Jakob Wolter, Director of Talent Acquisition Denmark, Novo Nordisk

Jakob has been with Novo Nordisk for 15+ years where he has served in many different roles. In his latest role as Director of Talent Acquisition he is responsible for the Talent Acquisition process’ and operations across Denmark, where he delivers close to 4500 hires per year for a business with around 18000 employees. Before this, Jacob was Head of Recruitment for R&D and Corporate Functions and has also been Managing Major cLEAN Projects, The graduate programme, and acted as Senior Communications Advisor for Novo Nordisk. He is joining us at this with a perspective on large scale Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and use of new recruitment technologies.

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