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HR Analytics – new theme group

Over the last few years NOCA has had a very close cooperation with Professor Dana Minbaeva from CBS, who is also heading the Human Capital Analytics Group and is the person in Denmark knowing the most about HR Analytics. Dana has been giving presentations in several of NOCAs groups, has been a speaker on NOCAs Annual Meeting and was last year heading a session at the Academy of Management Conference in Vancouver with active participation of quite a few NOCA members.

In June last year we had a very inspiring meeting in the Executive HR group in Novo Nordisk, where the topic was the use of HR Analytics to help monitor and create early warning for soft issues like employee satisfaction/ engagement – creating a ”hard” tool to solve a ”soft” issue.

The Group:

This group of HR decision makers all said that establishing new analytics entities in their organisation was either very new or just about to happen and so very few have vast experience with this at this point, but of course competences to get them there.

After participation in the AOM-conference many of the participants was convinced that they should go home and establish an HR Analytics function and those that experienced that other functions had already done that were convinced to get home and start a close cooperation with this function in order to gain access to both the data and to the analysis carried out.

More and more Danish organisations establish new analytics functions in HR and some are on the verge of doing it soon. Common for most of them is that they are in the process of generating new knowledge from scratch and that this analytic approach for many is stepping on new ground. The aim is to change the HR functions to be much more based on evidence.

”Why guess when you can know?”, as Professor Dana Minbaeva asks.


In NOCA we have followed this new trend with excitement and believe that there is no time as the present to initiate such a new theme group that can support Danish Companies in gaining strong HR analytics units/ strong HR intelligence, that can help HR play an even larger role also in the forecasting that is necessary to run a successful company.

We are therefore pleased that Professor Dana Minbaeva has invited us to have our first founding meeting in this group at CBS with the following agenda:

12.00 Lunch, welcome and introduction
By Per Geisler Hansen, CEO NOCA

12.45 Why guess when you can know? – and why HR analytics?
By Professor Dana Minbaeva, CBS

14.15 Break

14.30 Short presentations about why form a group around HR Analytics
By Stina Bonde, Head of People Insights at Grundfos and Pete Jaworski, Director, Global Mobility & HR Analytics at Novo Nordisk

15.00 Group discussions/ plenary about:
1. Common challenges/ themes of interest
2. future meetings in the group
3. Next meeting in the group
4. Appointment of Advisory Board

16.00 wrap up and good bye

I hope that many will take this opportunity to joint his first meeting and help move the group and its focus in the direction you want.

Copenhagen Business School
Porcelænshaven 22
2000 Frederiksberg
lokale 3.20

Tuesday the 15th March from 12.00 to 16.00


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