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Reinventing the organization

29. January 2020
kl. 15.30 - 18.30  

Exclusive event for Executive HR NOCA members

As environments and strategies rapidly change, the traditional hierarchical, bureaucratic organization is under fire from new organizational models. Approaches such as platform, network, agile organization, learning organization, ambidextrous organization, and others are gaining traction, but leaders need clearer insight into these new models. What do these new organization models really look like and how do they actually work?


Reinventing the Organization -NOCA

In collaboration with Tatarklubben, NOCA invites HR Executives to an exclusive masterclass with organization expert Dr. Arthur Yeung. Based on his and co-author Dave Ulrich’snew book “Reinventing the organization” Dr Yeung will present a practical, integrated framework for innovating the organization to respond to changing market opportunities, at scale.

“Reinventing the organization” is based on research from some of the most dynamic companies in China, US and Europe such as Tencent, Facebook, Google, Alibaba, DiDi, Amazon, Google, and Supercell. Yeung and Ulrich describes in this book how to build a new kind of organization (a market-orientated ecosystem) that responds to changing market conditions with speed and scale.

Arthur Yeung - NOCAArthur Yeung

Dr. Arthur Yeung is a Senior Management Adviser at Tencent Group. Previously, he was the Philips Chair Professor of Human Resource Management at China Europe International Business School. Dr. Yeung’s research interests focus on building organizational capability for strategic implementation, creating unique value propositions for talent management, growing talent for business growth, and leading large-scale organizational transformation. As one of the leading experts in strategic human resource management, Dr. Yeung’s publications appear frequently in Human Resource Management Journal, Human Resource Planning Journal, Harvard Business Review (China), and many other leading journals and academic books. In 2002, Dr. Yeung was elected as “HR Executive of the Year” by Smart Fortune Magazine in China.


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