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AI in HR – Session 2 – Ethical AI Integration

12. september 2023
kl. 10.00 - 11.45  CET

We are delighted to extend our invitation to the next-in-line stop on our online talk journey AI in HR: Ethical AI Integration, featuring Paolo Nardi Fernandez, Digital Ethicist at IKEA and Thomas Ploug, Professor of Data & AI Ethics at Aalborg University. This captivating event will delve deeper into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its anticipated impact on the HR landscape.

  • Paolo Nardi Fernandez, Digital Ethicist with IKEA, will generously share some of his valuable insights on AI integration, empowering you with ideas for practical strategies and real-world examples. The talk will spark thoughts on how to ethically and responsibly shape initial AI projects, how to approach integration and implementation of AI, and inspire you to bring up AI conversations central to HR in your organization.
  • Thomas Ploug, Professor of Data & AI Ethics at Aalborg University, shares his important perspectives and research insight into local AI ethics considerations, current ethical challenges, he will bring up questions for crucial reflection within organizations and HR in particular, as well as make the case for awareness around needs for regulation in the field.

This promises to be an illuminating experience, equipping HR professionals like yourself with thoughts and ideas for how to navigate the evolving intersection of AI and HR. We always appreciate your presence and anticipate inspiring yet another engaging future discussion on the transformative potential of AI in HR.


Paolo Nardi Fernandez, Digital Ethicist for IKEA

Paolo is a Sustainability Innovation Fusionist, Digital Ethicist and AI change agent with a background in computer science & engineering, artificial intelligence, leadership for sustainability, podcasting, business development and systems thinking. As a Digital Ethicist, he builds awareness about digital ethics and why it matters to IKEA and wider society, alongside the associated responsibilities in the IKEA Digital Ethics Forum. All with the aim to co-create new practices and standards for the sustainable and responsible development of digital technologies. Having lived as an expat and immigrant for over 10 years, Paolo had to quickly learn the systems and narratives that govern our world. For Paolo, it has not been a matter of luxury, but a need for survival. Out of this journey, Paolo understood the power that organizations and individuals have to develop a better world, but also the struggles they face to do so!


Thomas Ploug, Professor of Data & AI Ethics & Director of Centre for Applied Ethics and Philosophy of Science, Aalborg University (AAU)

Thomas is a Professor of Information and Communication Ethics, and vice head of the department of Communication and Psychology at AAU. Thomas’ research interests circle artificial intelligence, citizen rights and moral responsibility, privacy, surveillance and protection of personal and sensitive data, models of informed consent, biobanks and health data, as well as several fields beyond these. He has been a member of the Danish Council of Ethics, and avidly joins the public dialogue for societal innovation.

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