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Data-driven D&I – Beyond Assumptions (Online)

22. juni 2022
kl. 09.00 - 11.30  CET

At this NOCA event we  present  a data-driven  approach to D&I. We go beyond assumptions and try to understand how our empirical findings can broaden our knowledge and improve decisions within the organization. But why is this an important agenda?

data-driven HR

Securing D&I is for most organizations perceived to be both fair and profitable. However, even though the purpose and ambitions of the D&I agenda are clear and intuitive, delivering on the goals of this agenda is not as easy as it might seem. Supporting the D&I agenda with a data-driven approach has for many organizations proved to be a vital element for success. But how do you select the right measures for improving D&I in your organizations? And how do you transfer business insight to business impact?  

To answer these questions we are guested by two practitioners from Nordea and the LEGO Group, who will each of their experiences working with this agenda. We are also visited by Dana Minbaeva, Professor in HRM from Kings College London. Together they will help us answer questions like:

  • How to select and secure the right data for your D&I agenda 
  • How to define KPI’s for D&I 
  • How to create incentives for behavioral change based on empirical findings 

Pia Kirk - NOCA

Pia Kirk, Diversity and Inclusion Master Expert at Nordea  

At Nordea, the D&I agenda is considered as a key enabler for sustainable growth and business development. At this event Pia Kirk will talk about the effects of a data-driven approach to D&I including insights on what it takes to drive a D&I agenda cross-border. 



Sebastian Lauridsen, Business Analyst, People Analytics at the LEGO Group 

Sebastian has worked with People Planning and Analytics at the LEGO group for three years and has today the responsibility for data, reporting and analytics on the D&I agenda. At this event Sebastian will share the D&I journey at LEGO from a data perspective and reflect on learnings regarding how to identify and implement ambitious yet realistic goals that enable actual results throughout the organization.  

Dana - NOCA

Dana Minbaeva, Professor in HRM from Kings College London

Dana is a Professor of Human Resource Management at King’s College London. She is also Research Partner at Nordic Human Capital Advisory (NHCA) that aims to equip organizations with capabilities needed to excel in evidence-based management through actionable research and people analytics. At this NOCA event Dana will share insights from both academia and practice on why and how to approach a topic such as D&I from a data-driven angle.  

Read more about NOCA themes “Diversity and Inclusion” and “People Analytics“.

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