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Diversifying Diversity (Online)

02. november 2022
kl. 09.00 - 10.15  CET

How can we be Active Allies of inclusion in our organizations?

We are a planet of over 190 countries and close to 8 billion people. Imagine the differences – and the resulting biases amongst all of us. The dimensions of diversity are much like a thumbprint; unique to each of us.

Poornima Luthra - NOCA

We tend to notice the visible dimensions of diversity first. Our brain categorizes – and judges – others based on gender, ethnicity, skin color and age. However, it requires an active and conscious effort to grasp the complex weave of intersecting diversity dimensions – both visible and invisible – which constitute who we are. It is this intersectionality which makes it challenging to fully embrace diversity in our workplaces and thereby be truly inclusive.

How do we nurture truly inclusive workplaces?

A truly inclusive organization embraces diversity holistically, so that each of us can bring our whole diverse selves to work while minimizing the biases experienced. This is the key to transforming our workplace to fit diverse talent, rather than expecting diverse talent to fit our workplaces.

Join us at this NOCA meeting where Dr. Poornima Luthra, author of Diversifying Diversity will share both knowledge and tools to nurture active allyship in our organizations.

Some of the focus points on this webinar will be:

  • Making the case for Diversification
  • The benefit of Diversity
  • The Human Barrier to Inclusion
  • How to empower Active Allies of inclusion in your organization

Poornima will share insights from different case studies from organizations as: Maersk Tankers, Carlsberg Group, IKEA Retail, Telia Company & Kronmann Reumert etc.

Are you also curious to know how we can move the D&I agenda further? Then join us at this event.

Poornima - NOCA

Poornima Luthra, Associate professor CBS and CEO TalentED. 

Poornima is the author of the book ‘Diversifying Diversity: Your Guide to Being an Active Ally of Inclusion in the Workplace’. She teaches Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Copenhagen Business School. In addition, she works as a company coach and consultant, where she focuses on expanding the definitions of diversity in the workplace. Poornima is also the founder and CEO of TalentED


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