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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 2023

30. marts 2023
kl. 09.00 - 15.00  CET

Please note: This event has been mistankenly advertized in the NOCA newsletter on November 30th as an online event but will be held on site at Svanemøllens Kaserne.

In recent years, there has been a focus on the world’s injustices. The increasing recognition of these is reflected through our organizations, which need to act and work together to venture into the modern world. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are here to stay! And it has become an integral part of the organization’s overall strategy.

This of course leads to many questions like: How do we create the best conditions for DEI to become an integral part of our organization and strategy? How can this help create a more balanced workforce? What elements are the primary focus for other companies? And how do we successfully drive both global and local DEI initiatives?

Are you also working with or interested in DEI then join us at this mini conference! The day will offer input from research, practical cases, and a workshop, where we will have the opportunity to dive a little deeper into the theme together and make use of the good experiences from the participants.


Some of the topics you will hear about are the following:

What development do we see in the DEI area, with a primary focus on management: Sara Louise Muhr starts the day by talking about her observations in the D&I area. In addition, Sara will describe how we can better understand bias and blind spots, as well as share techniques and tools to become better at managing employees with different backgrounds.

How do we put diversity into play?: Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen will focus on how we can utilize diversity in our organizations, as well as how we can connect it to inclusion. Specifically, Christina will provide methods on how, as a leader, you can act inclusively and reduce bias in your decision-making processes.

Employee Resource Groups (Practical case ISS): Julie Folmer-Niemann will join us at this event to talk about the ISS journey within DEI. More specifically Julie will dive deeper into how they are using Employee Resource Groups (ERG) to create an inclusive environment across a global company. Here, Julie will tell us about their successes but also the areas where they have faced some issues.


Julie Folmer-Niemann (She/Her), Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Advisor, ISS Facility Services Denmark 

Julie has worked in ISS for almost 4 years where she started as Project Leader and now leads the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging agenda in Denmark. With her ‘Master of Science in Business Administration and Psychology’ she uses Behavioural design and bias studies to drive the change throughout the company. Julie believes that we can accomplish DEI by sharing our knowledge and setting actions behind the words.    

Sara Louise Muhr, Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Organization

Sara’s research is focused on critical perspectives on HRM and management, especially in relation to how the modern flexible labor market affects the individual employee as well as managers. Guided by this overall purpose, Sara works empirically in many different empirical fields. Among other things, Sara has recently worked with consulting companies, IT companies, service companies, pole dance studios, the police, the armed forces, and leadership networks, where she is engaged in issues in relation to management, power, identity, culture, stress, work-life balance, and diversity. Sara has published over 70 books, articles, and book chapters – many of them with diversity as a focus point.

Christina Lundsgaard Ottsen, Author and Management advisor, Mannaz

Christina is a psychologist and with a Ph.D. in cross-cultural diversity, she has gained deep knowledge of the psychological mechanisms behind cognitive bias. Christina has ten years of research experience from Qatar University and Aarhus University, as well as six years as a consultant within inclusive leadership. Besides this, Christina is the first author of the books ‘Biasbevidst ledelse’ and Bias-conscious Leadership: How diversity leads to better decision-making.

Muneeza Rosendahl (she/her), CEO, Association ’Lige Adgang’

 Muneeza has worked actively with diversity and inclusion since 2017, most recently in the Danish emergency services and now as CEO of the association ‘Lige Adgang’. Muneeza has extensive experience in the field, and she has given advice and presentations on how workplaces can help create a more diverse and inclusive workplace with a focus on recruitment, retention, and well-being. Muneeza will, at this event, be co-facilitating with NOCA.

Collaboration with Jobindex and Lige Adgang

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