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HR in a Global World – Online Workshop

13. september 2018
kl. 14.00 - 16.00  CET

An increasing number of HR professionals are working with teams and staff in several countries or in a country different from Headquarters. At this meeting we focus on doing HR in a Global World.

HR in a global world

Join us to discuss and share knowledge about promoting strategy, collaboration, execution,  common standards, best practices and change across borders. Share insights on working across differences in legislation, culture, languages, time zones, education levels etc. when doing HR in a global world.

All participants are expected to prepare a presentation of five minutes describing;

  • Solutions regarding International HR they are proud of having developed or implemented. Ie. what works well for us (tips)
  • Concrete International HR problems they especially struggle with. Ie. what obstacles are we currently facing (challenges)

During the meeting, participants will separate into groups based on their specific interests and the groups will work with their chosen area of interest.

Examples of issues the groups might focus on:

  • Attracting the desired labor force
  • Reinforcing a Danish work culture or leadership style outside Scandinavia
  • Doing HR in a certain area (ie. Eastern Europe or China)
  • Supporting strategy execution across very different business units

The meeting will conclude with a plenary session where the groups share their key discussions and outcomes.

This is not a webinar. It’s a highly facilitated and interactive meeting in video conference. Expect to be participating, speaking, actively listening and using body language during the whole meeting. We use the video feed actively to build confidentiality and trust in order to share our knowledge and solve problems together.

The total pool of tips, challenges and insights from the meeting will be used by NOCA to organize further on- and offline meeting on Global HR. Join this online meeting in order to help shape the content and format of these workshops!

Broadband, headset and individual webcam is required of participants.

Global relevance

Please forward this invitation to your HR-colleagues outside Denmark! They don’t usually subscribe to NOCA’s newsletter, but they can benefit fully from this meeting. Encourage them to subscribe in order to join our many future online events.

We speak English

Please forward this invitation to your English-speaking HR-colleagues! They don’t always subscribe to NOCA’s newsletter, but they can benefit fully from this meeting (In groups where everyone speaks Danish, we’ll be speaking Danish however).

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