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HR Tech Day

HR Tech Day

Algorithm Art, National Digital Advisor Jan Damsgaard, The Josh Bersin Company and AI in HR at Grundfos, a panel on organizational wellbeing through HR tech, spiced with HR tech research perspectives from DTU Compute and much more.

We are happy to get to invite you for a day filled with inspiring discussions and cross-organizational networking at NOCA’s HR Tech Day!

*No-show fee: DKK 450 when canceling after April 15th 12:00 CET. For further information see below.


At this conference, you will have the opportunity to be inspired by local thought leaders and practitioners who will share their valuable experiences and insights on integrating technology into human-centric strategies. This event is intended to expand our understanding of how technology connects with HR and people leadership – and in that way help us explore ways to build better organizations together.

Join us to explore the combination of technology and people and to delve into how technology can be harnessed to foster a healthier work environment, for you and the people you try to help every day. 

  • Look forward to the final keynote session of the day with AI in HR from a Societal Perspective by Jan Damsgaard, National Digital Advisor.
  • But first begin your day by connecting with peers over a cup of freshly brewed coffee.
  • Expand your perspectives on the nature of technology for HR with Head of DTU Compute, Professor Jan Madsen and PhD Anja Mie Weile from DTU’s Tech4Civ initiative.
  • Hear from AI in HR pioneers Grundfos Global how they integrate technology into organizational practice through learning.
  • Enjoy lunch while engaging in enriching conversations with the NOCA community.
  • Learn from our inspiring case organization, scientist Ziggi Zantini, and a panel debate practically applied science and HR Tech approaches to wellbeing in organizations.
  • Experience how algorithmic performance art brings deep understanding of bias in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Do not miss the keynote from National Digital Advisor, Author & Researcher, Jan Damsgaard.
  • Finally, round off this day of learning, reflecting and connecting in our relaxed NOCA community café.

Why join?

Network comfortably with Denmark’s top HR professionals.

Learn from pioneering case studies and real-life applications of HR tech.

Discover new tools and technologies revolutionizing HR practices.

Engage in thought-provoking discussions about the future of HR and organizations.

We are looking forward to your participation in what will be an enlightening and interactive day, with opportunities for growth, learning, and networking. It’s a unique opportunity to explore together how tech can shape the future of organizations and people leadership – and how we can shape tech to do just that.


Jan Damsgaard, national Digital Advisor, author & researcher

Jan Damsgaard is a well-known speaker on technology and Artificial Intelligence, also contributing to the societal conversation through his recent book AI Mellem Fornuft og Følelse (AI Between Reason and Feeling). He is a Professor at CBS’s Department of Digitalization and a national Digital Advisor appointed by the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. With a Ph.D. in Information Systems, his research significantly contributes to societal debate around national economy and digital transformation in organizations.

Charmaine Rodrigues, Grundfos Global

Charmaine Rodrigues has spent over 2 decades in HR, enabling learning experiences, leadership and talent development strategy execution in global organizations. Fueled by books, TEDTalks, podcasts, travel, and conversation, she is constantly curious about what conditions we need to create to help people discover their potential at the workplace. She is currently in Grundfos as the Global Head of Learning & Development, currently occupied with connecting our strategic ambitions with our people practices and working with an amazing group of people.

Bo Vialle-Derksen, The Josh Bersin Company

Bo Vialle-Derksen, an HR optimization expert, has been instrumental in enhancing employee experiences and boosting business performance. She is Advisor and Lead for EMEA at The Josh Bersin Company and holds the position of Visiting Professor at Nyenrode Business University. Her extensive career includes roles at Deloitte Consulting and Nets Group, where she honed her expertise in culture, leadership, human resources, employee experience, and organizational design. Her career showcases strategic HR advancements, shaping organizations and emphasizing the crucial role of human capital in driving success.

Ziggi Santini, University of Copenhagen & SDU

Dr. Ziggi Ivan Santini is a Mental Health Epidemiology Researcher & Wellbeing Scientist. He works with The Danish National Institute of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, and University of Southern Denmark, and is a dedicated researcher specializing in the monitoring and promotion of wellbeing, wellbeing economics, and subjective wellbeing valuation.

Ada Ada Ada

Ada Ada Ada is an algorithmic artist, speaker and researcher. Through projects and collaborations, she researches queerness, gender, data and “AI” from an intersectional eco-feminist worldview. Ada’s art challenges societal perceptions of gender through acclaimed exhibitions like the works “in transitu” and “Barriers.” Applying her experience from a career in web development, she transitioned to a solo career as an artist and influential public speaker in 2021. With references from the fields of interaction design and digital media, Ada contributes to the societal conversations on the development and practices of how we work with data in organizations and beyond.

PhD Anja Mie Weile, Tech4Civ

Anja Mie Weile is the Co-Founder and Head of the DTU Tech4Civ Section. On the side of this ambitious international initiative, she is a PhD student at DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark, and a public speaker. She has extensive experience with digital transformation in public and private organizations, developing and driving digital competency courses at executive, leader, and employee level. She is a Human Resources Leader with strong expertise in organizational change and leadership development, for example from organizations such as the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and Doctors Without Borders.

Professor Jan Madsen, DTU Compute

Professor Jan Madsen is a distinguished expert in systems engineering and professor in computer-based systems at DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark. He is Head of Section on Embedded Systems Engineering and Deputy Director of DTU Compute. His research interests include design of embedded computer systems. With a prolific career, he has supervised PhD students, earned prestigious awards, and attracted over 75 million dkk in research funding. He has a lasting influence on the field of computing systems in Europe and globally through involvement in numerous projects and lives.


No show fee

*By registering for this event, you also accept NOCA’s conditions regarding the no-show fee.
In order to give the most members the opportunity to participate in the event and to protect ourselves against food waste, we need to know if you are participating, otherwise we can give your place to someone else. If you therefore cancel after the deadline April 15th 12:00 CET or do not arrive on the day, you will subsequently receive a charge of 450 DKK. Should you be prevented, you are always welcome to send a colleague in your place and thereby avoid paying a no-show fee. (Your colleague just needs to pick up your name tag upon arrival at the event).

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