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Creating People Advantage Insights

05. december 2023
kl. 11.00 - 12.00  CET

How are you managing your teams and talent? Where do your people management priorities stack up against 6,900 professionals, from around the globe?

NOCA is delighted to invite you, to a webinar that will give you insights into the global survey Creating People Advantage 2023. NOCAs membership and role as the Danish representative of the European Association for People Management and the World Federation of People Management, secure all NOCA members access to the webinar hosted by hosted by EAPM and BCG’s (Boston Consulting Group).  

Companies worldwide now face many business challenges – the unfolding economic and social crises, continued digital transformation and disruption, and a shift to sustainability. Each challenge requires new approaches and different skills from diverse talent. This is why understanding the role of people management for future business success has never been more important. 

The 2023 Creating People Advantage Survey (CPA) allows you to understand in-depth perspectives on the most urgent HR topics – this year focusing on managing challenging times. The CPA has been the world’s most comprehensive and renowned publication on people trends in organizations since 2007. Its results aim to improve HR departments’ capabilities around the globe and enable HR leaders to drive future business success.  

As a participant in this webinar, you will get an exclusive preview of the key findings and recommendations from the CPA 2023 and learn how to apply them to your organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and tools to empower your organization and help it navigate the challenging times ahead.  

Join us for this webinar and be part of the global HR community that is creating people’s advantage. We look forward to having you at this webinar and working together to create people-friendly workplaces in Denmark. 

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