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Creating Success through Strategic Management

06. juni 2023
kl. 09.00 - 10.15  CET

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, having a well-defined strategic management approach is more critical than ever. It enables organizations to adapt quickly to changes, identify new opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, we invite you to join us for an exciting webinar on “Creating Success through Strategic Management” presented by Strategic Management Lab from Aalborg University Business School. This webinar will provide insights into the latest research on strategic management, from development to implementation.

Based on a national survey of over 2,000 responses from top-level executives, middle managers, and employees in Danish organizations, Strategic Management Lab will zoom in on the potentials and challenges in strategic management. The discussion will focus on how organizations can work on both strategy development and implementation, as well as the challenges that may arise along the way.

This webinar is an opportunity to get an inside look at the newest research and practices in strategic work. The Strategic Management Lab at Aalborg University Business School is known for its cutting-edge research in this area, so don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn from the experts.


Louise Tina Brøns Kringelum

Louise is associate professor, head of studies (full-time studies) and staff manager for Ph.D. fellows at AAU Business School. She works with strategic leadership with a focus on the interplay between strategy, organizational development, and business models. In addition, she specializes in the application of critical realism as a philosophy of science for studying organizations. She is a part of the Strategic Management Lab which is dedicated to developing theory and practice in the field of strategic management. Here she has recently been a part of conducting a large-scale survey of strategy work in Danish organizations – The Strategy Barometer.

Her previous research has involved the context of port development and collaborative business models. Her Ph.D. studies were co-funded by the Port of Aalborg, for which reason the development of the maritime and port industry remains a special area of interest for Louise. Louise teaches strategy, business models, philosophy of science and qualitative research methods at bachelor, master and MBA level.


Casper Gamborg Holm

Casper is a Ph.D. fellow at Aalborg University Business School. Casper is working within the field of strategic management with a focus on strategy implementation and execution. The primary methodology of his research is qualitative methods using interviews and observations to get a deeper understanding of the structures that drive strategy in organizations.

Furthermore, he has been working with business models as a strategic tool to facilitate organizational change and business development.

He is part of the Strategy, Organization and Management research group and the newest addition to the Strategic Management Lab.

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