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Is workplace ’rudeness’ abusive behavior? (Online)

15. januar 2021
kl. 09.00 - 10.30  

A Swedish study shows that Workplace Incivility or ‘rudeness’ results in low well-being throughout the entire organization. These rude behaviors can come from both coworkers and supervisors and result in the organization becoming ‘infected’ with a culture of rudeness, which has consequences for retention and employee well-being.
But how do we cope with this intangible concept of ‘rudeness’ when there are no clear guidelines to handle the issues it entails?
Workplace incivility - NOCA

What is Workplace Incivility?

We have all heard of bullying, harassment and directly harmful behavior in the workplace. But what about the behaviors that some people detect but no one talks about?

Workplace incivility is unpleasant, rude and disrespectful behavior from either coworkers or supervisors.

It is a “milder” form of negative behaviors in the workplace that violate norms for mutual respect, but because these are everyday behaviors with low intensity, and not obvious trampling, we tend to brush it off as “that’s just how he is” or “that’s the way it is here”.

But we really shouldn’t!

Workplace Incivility can cause deteriorating physical and mental health, decreased job satisfaction, loss of commitment and impaired performance.

Join us for this NOCA-meeting to see researcher Kristoffer Holm, who will share his knowledge on Workplace Incivility. Kristoffer will also help us with practical advice for how individuals and organizations can cope with and avoid Workplace Incivility.

Kristoffer Holm - NOCAKristoffer Holm from Lund University in Sweden has, since 2015, published multiple research papers on Workplace Incivility. In 2019 Kristoffer won the national ‘HR Research Award’ for valuable research relevant to the HR profession.

You can read more about NOCA’s theme ‘Employee Experience’ right here!

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