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Keep Remote Workers Engaged, Enthused, and Effective (Online)

24. november 2021
kl. 14.30 - 16.00  CET

We are living in unprecedented times. ‘Work’ as we know it has changed. Forever. In order to thrive, organizations must re-invent themselves and embrace the new normal. Many employees are now living in a hybrid world, where they are physically disconnected from their co-workers. It is becoming harder and harder to ensure that employees are engaged, enthused and effective.

But are remote workers incredibly productive? Yes, but they also say they feel unsupported and disconnected. In a day and age when people are still sheltering in place, the companies that will come out on top are the ones which create and execute a strategy to effectively manage remote workers.

NOCA has invited Jill Christensen, a Top 200 Global Thought Leader, to give us a new perspective on how HR can keep remote workers engaged.

During this session, you will learn:

  • The one thing you must know to keep remote employees engaged, enthused and effective.
  • The importance of Connection, Communication, Collaboration and Recognition and how to bring these things to life for employees, regardless of physical distance.
  • A proven strategy that you can apply immediately to re-engage or engage remote workers.
  • Clarity on next steps and inspiration to achieve your goals.

Do you also want to get inspired and learn new ways to reflect on employee engagement? Then join us at this NOCA meeting.


“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” – Simon Sinek

Jill Christensen - NOCAJill Christensen is one of the most in-demand and highest-rated female speakers in the world today.  Named a Top 200 Global Thought Leader to Watch in 2021 and Top 101 Employee Engagement Influencer, she takes audiences on a journey that educates and inspires people to act.  In the past three years, Jill has presented her proven strategy to re-engage employees to 250,000 people in 33 industries, 38 U.S. states, and 10 countries.

Her book, If Not You, Who? How to Crack the Code of Employee Disengagement, is a global best-seller, and her popular weekly blog was named a Top 100 Corporate Blog alongside of Apple and Microsoft.  These resources are being used by SMBs, Fortune 500s, start-ups, government agencies, non-profits, and family-owned businesses around the globe.

Read about NOCA’s theme ‘Employee Experience’ here!

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