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What’s new within Employer Branding 2023

10. marts 2023
kl. 09.30 - 14.30  CET

Employer Branding is an established area of expertise in many organizations today. The ability to attract and retain employees by coherently focusing on the organization’s identity, profile and image as an employer is no longer up for debate. However, driven by development in data and technology the area of Employer Branding is evolving rapidly and as HR experts we continuously need to consider what works and what does not work in our own organizations.

At this event, we look at the status of the Employer Branding profession right now and focus on four practical cases for ensuring a strong employer brand.

We will look into:

  • How to sustain a strong EVP that matches the profile of the organization with the development of employee preferences?
  • How to secure both internal and external focus in your employer branding activities? How to use career stories on social media?
  • How to organize the collaboration around Employer Branding between Talent Acquisition, Corporate Communication and the entire HR Community?
  • Organizational culture as the driver of employer branding

To talk about these focus points, we have invited Jesper Fabricius, Rambøll, Anne Bisbjerg Lee, LB Forsikring, and Nanna Wang Carlsen, COWI, to come and share how they are working with their employer brands individually. Furthermore, we will also be joined by Henrik Engelund and Andreas Jørgensen from Coreworkers who will start the day by giving us an overview of what is happening right now within the field of Employer Branding.

So, are you interested in getting some different perspectives and approaches on Employer Branding? Then join us at this event!

Lene Gam-Boelt, Global Employer Branding Manager at Ramboll, Denmark, Ramboll

Lene is truly an employer branding nerd. Since 2013, she has worked with employer branding for some of Denmark’s largest companies ranging from Pandora to Maersk and the last six years solely for Ramboll. The last few years her interest and passion for employee advocacy has grown, as she believes that employee advocacy is the most valuable tool for anyone working with employer branding. Lene is responsible for Ramboll’s global employer brand, and she is the co-pilot of Ramboll’s employee advocacy program “BlueBuzz” with +500 members.


Anne Bisbjerg Lee, EVP, Organization and Strategy, LB Forsikring

Anne has more than 25 years of international experience in HR leadership from Novo Nordisk, Grundfos and Novozymes, among others.
Anne holds a Cand. Psych. in Organizational psychology, communication & training from the University of Copenhagen and also holds a certification in General Management from the University of Virginia, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration. 

Henrik Engelund, CEOwner, Advisor and storyteller

Scandinavia’s leading expert within Employer Branding and Employee and Purpose Communications Founded Coreworkers in 1994 in DK and 2006 in SE Introduced Employer Branding in Scandinavia and author of the book ‘Employer Branding as a Discipline’ Judge in The RAD Awards 2023

Andreas Jørgensen, Director, Advisor and storyteller

Strategist, storyteller, and sprint master specialised in Employer Branding and Employee Communications 10 years at Coreworkers Introduced agile ways of working (sprint) and design thinking within Employer Brand development


Nanna Wang Carlsen, Group head of corporate and employer branding, COWI

Nanna is head of the function which is developing the corporate and employer brand across their Scandinavian and international markets at COWI, where she has been for over 10 years. Part of her job is to generate value through creative, strategically anchored communication solutions and by figuring out the mechanisms that drive organizations, teams, and individuals. Nanna has previously worked with communication and branding both nationally and internationally. She is Cand.mag. from the University of Copenhagen and has taken a Leadership and Management program from UC Berkeley.

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