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How boss-free and non-hierarchical environments can work in practice (Online)

22. februar 2023
kl. 09.00 - 10.30  CET

Is the future of leadership self-organized?

Many organizations focus on creating more flexible and effective work habits. These types of working conditions demand a different and adaptive organizational environment.

At this NOCA event, the Danish EV-charging company Clever will share their story on why and how they have changed their work environments to a more boss-free and non-hierarchical organization. In this session, you will hear about how they implemented a sociocratic organizational structure and a co-leadership mindset, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame them.

Clever is inspired by the sociocratic approach, which is a theory that aims to make organizations more fit-for-humans, inclusive and self-organized and to make room for everyone to have a voice.

Join us at this NOCA event and get insights into the team- and purpose driven practices of Clever. Hear about their scale-up journey from a small group of people with a sustainable ambition toward an organization of +200 people.

During this session, we will look into the following:

  • How does Clever work with co- and non-hierarchical leadership?
  • What are their daily practices like? 
  • What challenges did they face in the transformation, and how did they solve them?

If this sounds interesting then sign up, meet Clever, and get inspired by their journey.

Lykke Jeppesen

is the People and Development Lead at Clever. Her role is to help design and implement Clever’s journey towards a co-leading organization. She holds a master’s degree in Psychology & English from Aarhus University and has worked in Clever for a year. Before Clever, Lykke was DE&I Lead at TDC Group and Nuuday.

Info box

Clever is Denmark’s leading eMobility Service Provider and Charge Point Operator. Clever is on a mission to accelerate the sustainable eMobility of the future by inspiring everyone to choose the electric vehicle. 

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