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The Nordic HR Report 2022

23. august 2022
kl. 08.30 - 12.00  CET

What are the biggest challenges for Nordic HR in 2022?

More than 670 HR professionals from across the Nordics have given their views on the state of HR in 2022. At this event, NOCA and EY Danmark will present key takeaways from the survey and unfold the discussions behind them. We invite you to join us as we discuss some of our biggest challenges and opportunities in HR right now.

We will discuss the following findings joined by sharp guests from the private sector (to be updated continuously):

  • How to handle hybrid work?
  • How to secure HR’s role at the executive table?
  • How to get People Analytics right?


Nordic HR - NOCA

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How to handle hybrid work?

According to the Nordic HR Survey 2022, only 1 in 10 organizations expects to return to work life as it was before COVID. The benefits of hybrid work seem to exceed the challenges, but are we sure? Hybrid and flexible opportunities are an increasing factor in the competition for talent, however, indications of lower productivity, leadership challenges, lack of team coherence, and an increase in employee burnout are also part of the story. How do we mitigate between opportunity and challenges when it comes to hybrid work?

Lars Kudsk - NOCA

Lars Kudsk, Senior Director, People & Organisation Development, Velux

Lars has over 15 years of experience working with leadership, talent- and organizational development from organizations such as CfL, NNE, Novo Nordisk and now Velux. Today Lars is responsible for the day-to-day operations and processes of HR Development, and for establishing an operating model connecting People and Organizational Development to business needs. 
At this event Lars will give his perspective on new ways of working. What is important to consider in an agile and hybrid working environments? What are the implications for teamwork and leadership? And how do we find the right balance that benefit both the individual and the organization?


How to secure HRs role at the executive table?

The Nordic HR survey 2022 shows that in 8 out of 10 organizations the CHRO or equivalent is an integral part of the executive management team. The days of arguing the relevance of HR in strategic business seem to be over, and figures indicate that the pandemic has played a part in strengthening HRs role in the organization. However, now that we have a seat at the table, are we doing what we need to keep it? The survey findings indicate that HR might not currently have the competencies and processes needed to support organizations in change management, competence planning, and strategic outlook. How do we make sure that we are up to the challenge of supporting our organizations in the best possible way going forward?

Nicole PaustinNicole Egede PaustianVice President, Head of Organizational Performance, Maersk Drilling

Nicole has 20 years of experience working across multiple industries with a focus on strategy, transformation, and HR development. Today, Nicole is part of Maersk Drilling’s Senior Leadership Team and is heading up the Organizational Performance team responsible for developing HR strategies, programs, and policies to support successful strategy implementation through organizational development. 

At this event Nicole will give her perspective on what it takes for P&O to become and stay relevant on the strategic agenda. How do we secure the competences, processes and governance needed to link people and organizational development to the strategic agenda?


How to get People Analytics right?

Almost 75% of respondents in the Nordic HR Survey 2022 consider the HR function as having a high competency gap within people analytics. In other words, HR is not confident that they can ensure the data and analytics needed to support organizational development. The ambition to secure good data and analytics for strategic purposes is therefore at the top of HR’s agenda, and investments in HR software are equally high. However, what is the best strategy for increasing the people analytics competencies across HR? And, with the emphasis on securing business logic in HR, is there still room for people logic?

Søren Kold - NOCA

Søren Kold, Director of People Analytics, the LEGO Group

With more than 15 years in the space of People Analytics, Søren holds tremendous experience in the field. His journey includes roles as Head of Analytics at Ennova, Head of People Analytics at international companies like Grundfos and Hempel, and most recently, he has taken up the role as Director of People Analytics at the Lego Group. Through his positions, Søren has developed into an adaptable change, transformation, and analytics leader with global experience. His work has led to change and significant business impact in employee engagement and experience, organizational design, attrition, absence, performance, and recruitment.

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