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Going Agile – Combining Organizational Designs (Online)

11. oktober 2022
kl. 09.00 - 11.00  CET

To meet a high demand for speed, flexibility, and innovation many organizations strive towards becoming more agile. However, in large organizations “going agile” typically means implementing agile structures only in parts of the organization where the benefits are perceived to be the highest, for example, in IT, R&D or HR. In other words, it’s very rare that an entire large organization moves towards agile which means that agile organization design often has to co-exist with other – often more bureaucratic organization – designs.As such, the most important question for agile transformations becomes how agile can co-exist with other org. designs? This question is the focus for this NOCA event.

Dilemmas related to combining organizational designs
At this NOCA event we take a look at the dilemmas that can arrive from partial implementation of agile structures in large organizations. We will talk about:

  • How to identify the right organization design for a specific team or function
  •  What happens to business processes and people processes when parts of the organizations go agile? What are the typical dilemmas?
  • How can managers navigate between different leadership styles in different functions?


ThomasHoej - Grundfoss

Thomas Høj, Global HR Director, Grundfos

At Grundfos creating the right work environment for people to release their full potential and collaborate cross teams is in high focus. At this event Thomas Høj, Global HR Director for Global Technology and Development will present learnings from their agile journey. What does “going agile” really mean in a large corporate? What are the pre-requisites for success? And what are the key learning so far?

 Dorte - NOCA

Erik Korsvik Østergaard, Co-founder and Futures Thinker, Good Morning April

Erik helps leaders explore and evaluate the possible futures for their organization. Over the past years he has focused on understanding and codifying the mechanisms for the Future of Work, striving to establish a leadership framework that provides the modern organizations and leaders with a coupling between megatrends, theory, and real-life practice. Erik is also a popular keynote speaker, podcast host, and author of the books “The Responsive Leader” and “Teal dots in an Orange World”. He has worked with leadership, digitization, strategy, change management, and organizational transformation in +15 years, as line manager, project manager, and advisor.


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