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The story of the Leadership Playground (Online)

18. januar 2023
kl. 09.30 - 10.45  CET

Four years ago, the LEGO Group created their new leadership model called ‘Leadership Playground’ for all employees at the LEGO Group. It’s an inclusive model and working philosophy which makes sure that you’re heard, valued, respected, and able to make a bigger contribution to your team. Most importantly it is a space for employees to be brave, curious, and focused – which are the three behaviors that make up the core of ‘Leadership Playground’.

Leadership Playground has been a cultural change, a blueprint for the whole organization. And it is a way for the LEGO Group to focus on what leadership behaviors they need for the future. But where is the LEGO Group now four years after implementing this new leadership model?

Join us at this NOCA meeting where Zahed Kamathia, VP, Global Head of Talent, will tell you more about Leadership Playground and more specifically:

  • The overall story and structure of the leadership model
  • Creating a culture change in the organization. What did it take? And what were the challenges?
  • Relaunching the Leadership Playground four years after implementation. How do you keep it relevant?
  • How do you create an environment that fosters psychological safety?
  • Campfires effect on creating the important conversations

Do you also want to hear more about this leadership model? Then join us at this NOCA webinar.


Zahed Kamathia, VP, Global Head of Talent at the LEGO Group

Zahed is an influential and creative, senior transformation and HR leader with over 20 years’ international experience in leading people-orientated business transformation and cultural change across FTSE 100 Retail, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, and pharmaceutical industries for companies such as Visa Europe, GSK, and the LEGO Group. For the past 6+ years Zahed has been with the LEGO Group where he is responsible for global talent. Before this Zahed was responsible for global learning and leadership culture development at the LEGO Group.

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