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Bonus Session with Debra Cohen

11. april 2014
kl. 10.00 - 12.00  

At NOCA’s Annual Conference Debra Cohen from SHRM is one of the keynote speakers.
Although we are sure that Deb’s presentation on the Conference will cover most of our expectations, we would like to offer those of you a possibility to engage with Deb in a much smaller forum.
We would therefore like to invite you to a more intimate bonus session on April 11th, from 10.00 – 12.00, where a smaller group of NOCA members can go more in depth with “New Standards in HR” – the Future of HRM.

Debra Cohen is Ph. D., Chief Knowledge Development & Integration Officer at SHRM in the US.

At NOCA’s Annual Conference Debra Cohen will talk to us about:

The Future of HRM: Two Initiatives to Advance the Profession

Global HR Standards – after three years of efforts there are now five international HR standards underway and almost 40 countries participating in the development of international standards. A briefing on the five standards underway will be provided as well as future plans to enhance the initiative.
HR Competencies – a Roadmap for Success. Based upon two years of multi-level and multi-faceted research a comprehensive global competence model has been developed that identifies the critical and technical behavioral Competencies needed by HR professionals at all levels. Results of validation studies will be shared that highlight the differences by level and more importantly, the correlations between HR Competencies and performance will be shared.

In this bonus session we will go deeper into this and also expand the discussion around the future of HR.

Join us on April 11th for a more in-depth session with the topic from NOCA’s Annual Conference and engage in a fruitful dialogue with Deb Cohen. It is not a condition that you have also participated in the Annual Conference.

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