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Competence Development – Does it pay off? How do we know?

20. marts 2014
kl. 09.00 - 13.00  

Notice: This meeting is only for members of NOCAs function group Strategic Competence Development. The leader who has the strategic responsibility for the organization’s competence development can be a member of this group.

“Dave Ulrich, a professor at the University of Michigan, recalls meeting with the chairman and top HR people from a big bank. “The training person said that 80% of employees have done at least 40 hours in classes. The chairman said, ‘Congratulations.’ I said, ‘You’re talking about the activities you’re doing. The question is, What are you delivering?’ “(“Why We Hate” HR by Keith H. Hammonds)

Does it pay off? How do we know it does?

Human capital development is our number one managerial tool in improving business performance. But how do we know that our investments in competence development pay off? How do we calculate the ROI on competence development?

Creating a line of sight between investments in competence development and organizational performance is therefore undoubtedly a key challenge for the HR function. In her presentation, Professor Dana Minbaeva from CBS stresses the importance of data analytics to justify the business case for competence development.

Real life Competence development in Alfa Laval

As a global company Alfa Laval focuses on competence development on many levels and in many cultural and geographical contexts. Jan Ertmann Karlsen, Head of Competence Development in Alfa Laval, will share his experience and Alfa Laval’s approach to Competence Development and how they organize programmes in order to improve performance.

In this meeting we will discuss the pitfalls of not getting the right ROI on investments in Competence Development and what academic research and practical experience advise as the best approaches.

The meeting will be in Danish apart from Professor Dana Minbaeva’s presentation that will be in English.

20. March from 09.00 to 13.00

Alfa Laval Copenhagen A/S
Maskinvej 5 
2860 Søborg

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