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Ethics in Turbulent Times – Higher Ground

04. juni 2024
kl. 08.30 - 10.30  CET

How Business Can Do the Right Thing in a Turbulent World

A fresh, realistic guide to help companies and leaders navigate ethical challenges and risks, build trust, and achieve long-term strategic advantage in a volatile global landscape. Simply maximizing shareholder value while not breaking the law is no longer a workable operating model.
In this session, New York University ethics professor Alison Taylor argues that amid stakeholder demands and transparency pressures, we need a new, more dynamic approach to doing the right thing.
Taylor illustrates this complex, risky environment and provides a blueprint for how leaders should rethink and reshape their
practices. She will show leaders how business can navigate this messy paradigm shift, build trust, and achieve long-term strategic advantage in a turbulent world.

Points of interest

• How can CEOs cut through the noise to set robust environmental and social priorities?

• When should they speak out on contentious social and political issues—and how?

• What does it really take to build a healthy organizational culture?

• How are we to approach corporate values when society is so divided?


About the author

Alison Taylor is a professor at NYU Stern School of Business who has spent decades advising large multinationals on risk, corruption, sustainability, and organizational culture


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