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Launching a New Talent Acquisition Team

04. april 2024
kl. 09.00 - 10.30  CET

Ever wondered where to commence when orchestrating the transformation of a new Talent Acquisition team? How can data be harnessed to amplify the precision of the TA function? And what unfolds when your organization establishes an in-house Talent Acquisition team, simultaneously slashing costs tied to external recruitment consultants?

Join us at this engaging webinar featuring Cassie Wu, who will unravel the captivating narrative of Lundbeck’s journey in Talent Acquisition. Unveiling accomplishments, navigating challenges, and exploring current challenges.

We will delve into the following focus areas:

  • Embarking on Change: How does one initiate the restructuring journey and cultivate a new Talent Acquisition team, seamlessly collaborating with colleagues in a Shared Service Center?
  • Data’s Power Play: How can data be the linchpin in supporting processes and steering the TA function towards precision and effectiveness?
  • In-House Advantage: What significance does an in-house Talent Acquisition team hold, leading to improved employer branding and cost savings by minimizing the reliance on external recruitment consultants?
  • What steps are involved in establishing an end-to-end service model in Talent Acquisition?

Does Lundbeck possess the final solutions or a magic bullet in creating a perfect Talent Acquisition team? They don’t! Because nobody does. However, they do have many reflections and experiences from their own journey and insights into where they want to go from here.

Be part of this webinar, where Cassie Wu not only shares Lundbeck’s transformative journey but also invites participants to join the discussion and delve into these crucial questions together.


Cassie Wu, Head of Talent Attraction, Lundbeck

Cassie is leading an international team based in Denmark (HQ) and Poland (GBS). She successfully built a new team that introduced a new recruitment service model for Lundbeck’s headquarters in Denmark, achieving a 51% reduction in external agency spend within the first year. Integrating employer branding into the operational aspects of recruitment and removing unconscious bias from the process – and the necessary change management that follows – have been key to success.

Formerly, as Head of Talent Acquisition at KPMG Denmark, Cassie led a team providing efficient recruitment support and oversaw the firm’s employer branding strategy and graduate recruitment. Earlier, she specialized in attracting, recruiting and retaining diverse talent at DTU – Technical University of Denmark.


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