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Lifelong Learning-Dinner – CLOSED FOR SIGN UPS

16. april 2024
kl. 18.00 - 20.00  CET

Breaking bread for a greener tomorrow:

Inter-generational Perspectives for Green Transition and Talents in Organizations

*No-show fee: DKK 450 when canceling after April 15th 12:00 CET. For further information see below.

In the face of the green transition and a growing climate crisis, what do talents expect from companies and their future jobs? What can we learn from science? How can we understand each other better across generations? And how do leaders and HR create future-fit organizations?

You’re invited to the ‘Lifelong Learning Dinner: Inter-generational Perspectives for Green Transition and Talents in Organizations’, co-hosted by CBS and NOCA – a “social learning experiment” for the curios change makers.  

HR plays a key role in listening to the needs of the coming talents in the workforce on for instance inner and outer sustainability and aligning their expectations with the organization. In other words, HR professionals are both translators and change agents for the leaders and business to adapt to the future of work.  

“Our members face increasing pressure to become more sustainable on the triple bottom-line, everything from legislation over investors to the talents ask for it”,            CEO of NOCA, Ulrix S. Brix. 


This dinner is both a unique platform and a new format for learning with others based on the newest interdisciplinary research on how we can create meaningful conversations between generations, perspectives, and world views.  

“To accelerate the green transition, we need to learn from each other and build bridges across different perspectives, and we hope that this format can help us do that“,              Vice Dean for Green Transition at CBS, Hanne Harmsen. 


At this dinner, we zoom in on green transition, the climate crisis, talents, and the role of organizations as catalysts for this transition. Learn from people that are different from yourself in a way you have never done before.  

Join the dinner if you want to:  

  • Learn about needs and expectations for sustainability of the talent soon joining the workforce. 
  • Learn from researchers about the challenges, opportunities, and dilemmas your organizations will face in the green transition. 
  • Get a “toolkit” to create these inter-generational dialogues in your own team and organization.   

Who is this social learning dinner for?  

The dinner is for HR-leaders and professionals who are already working with sustainability and/or talents, or those who are interested in starting. The most important thing is that you are curious, open-minded, and eager to learn how to build inter-generational bridges for future success and green transition in your organization. 

With a limited number of 60 seats available for this free dinner, participants will be a selected mix of HR leaders, professionals, students, and researchers working with sustainability. 

Don’t miss out on this unique learning experience. Sign up now to secure your spot. Please note that a maximum of 25 participants from NOCA can attend. 

This event is a part of the CBS Green Business Forum in April, which you are also welcome to attend. Read more here.  

The dinner’s inspirational hosts are: 

Rasmus Johnsen, Associate Professor and Vice Dean of Lifelong Learning at CBS

As the Vice Dean for Lifelong Learning at CBS, Rasmus Johnsens primary objective is to cultivate a unique approach to lifelong learning. 

A significant aspect of his focus is on fostering intergenerational learning and collaborations with the business community. 

This endeavor includes the creation of novel educational formats tailored for executive education and lifelong learning at business schools and in organizations.

Hanne Harmsen, Vice Dean for Green Transition at CBS. 

Transformative strategist with execution capacity – or something like that.

Innovation, change, knowledge-based, sustainability, organizational transformation, real green transition all the way from research to industry and citizens. Being an inspired leader and colleague. Those are her hobbyhorses. 

As the vice-dean for green transition at CBS, Hanne has the pleasure of juggling her hobby horses. She draws on understanding and experience from research, education, and innovation, from universities, the consulting industry, and research funding.

She tries to manage that in about 3 days a week to make time for other tasks. And for all the other fun stuff.

Caroline Bering, Student at CBS and student member of the Board of Directors, CBS

Caroline is currently a student member of the Board of Directors at CBS and the former Executive Officer at CBS Students.

She is a BA (Psych.) student with a keen interest in HR, job satisfaction, and motivational leadership.

Andreas Arentoft, Senior Network Advisor, NOCA

In his role as Senior Network Advisor in NOCA, Andreas is focused on creating transformative experiences and connections among the members. His passion is to build bridges between diverse perspectives to develop HR, the future of work and our society.

As an HR professional, Andreas has worked with a wide range of HR areas including recruitment, strategic HR and leadership development, mainly in the public sector. He is a cand.scient.pol. from University of Copenhagen.


No show fee

*By registering for this event, you also accept NOCA’s conditions regarding the no-show fee.
In order to give the most members the opportunity to participate in the event and to protect ourselves against food waste, we need to know if you are participating, otherwise we can give your place to someone else. If you therefore cancel after the deadline April 14th 12:00 CET or do not arrive on the day, you will subsequently receive a charge of 450 DKK. Should you be prevented, you are always welcome to send a colleague in your place and thereby avoid paying a no-show fee. (Your colleague just needs to pick up your name tag upon arrival at the event).

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