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Organizational Resilience in times of uncertainty (Online)

09. december 2020
kl. 08.30 - 11.30  

How do we ensure resilience in our organizations in a time where everything seems uncertain?

Organizational resilience is no longer just about exceptional events, accident prevention and crisis management. In the world of today we need to find a way to ensure that our organizations are not only resilient for the changes of tomorrow but for the entire future of our organization.

Join us at this NOCA event where you will meet no less than three professors who work with organizational resilience!

Stefan Tengblad, Professor of Human Resource Management at University of Gothenburg.

  • Stefan will present a theoretical framework. He argues that organizational resilience needs to go beyond traditional crisis management perspectives to an investigation of the characteristics and factors that make organizations viable over time.
  • Stefan is co-author of the book; ‘The Resilience Framework’, and he will share his research on what is required to build resilient organizations that can face adverse, complex, and uncertain environments in responsible and pro-active ways.

Phanish Puranam, Professor of Strategy and Organisation Design at INSEAD.

  • Phanish will present a more data-driven approach to organizational resilience, as he focuses on analytics.

Liisa Välikangas, Professor at DTU Management.

  • Liisa will provide a more hands-on perspective and present proven survival strategies for how to ensure resilience.
  • The Urgency of Now: Strategies for Leading Resilience. The presentation will focus on learnings for leadership. First, the scene is set in terms of the resilience challenges at the moment. Then, we discuss and exemplify the strategies that leaders have available for their company’s survival but also for being able to thrive under uncertainty. We conclude by thinking about resilience as something leaders will need to master going forward: What does the quest for resilience mean for your leadership?

The speakers:

Stefan Tengblad - NOCA

Stefan Tengblad, Professor of human resource management at University of Gothenburg.

Stefan has published multiple articles and books since he defended his dissertation at the University of Gothenburg in 1997. He was employed at the Gothenburg Research Institute from 1992 to 2008. Between 2009 and 2019, Stefan Tengblad was Professor of Business Administration at the University of Skövde.

Phanish Puranam - NOCAPhanish Puranam , Professor of Strategy and Organisation Design at INSEAD.

Phanish’s research in organizational science focuses on how organizations work, and how we can make them work better.

Phanish obtained his PhD at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 2001, and was on the faculty of London Business School till 2012. He has served as the Academic Director for the PhD Program at both London Business School and INSEAD.

Besides publishing his research extensively in peer reviewed journals, Phanish has also written several books. “The Microstructure of Organizations” (Oxford University Press, 2018) offers researchers a new perspective on organization design. Phanish’s books for practitioners include “Corporate Strategy: Tools for analysis and decisions” which is used as a reference in MBA programs around the world.

Liisa Välikangas - NOCA

Liisa Välikangas, Professor at DTU Management

Professor Liisa Välikangas teaches strategic leadership at DTU Management. Previously she has been affiliated with Aalto University  in Helsinki, Stanford University, IMD in Switzerland, London Business School and Keio University in Japan. She has also worked for SRI International in California’s Silicon Valley. She is known for her publications in strategic renewal and resilience. She is Senior Editor of Management and Organization Review, a journal published by Cambridge University Press. Her current research projects focus on the leadership implications of strategic resilience together with the business and societal implications of digital technologies including  how to tackle very large problems, i.e., world challenges.

In 2010, Liisa published the bookThe Resilient Organization – How Adaptive Cultures Thrive Even When Strategy Fails‘. Prior to this, in 2003 she coauthored an article with Gary Hamel for Harvard Business Review; ‘The Quest for Resilience’.

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