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The New Work Order

21. januar 2025
kl. 08.30 - 10.30  CET

Please note: The event ‘The New Work Order’ has been rescheduled from November 5, 2024, to January 21, 2025.

During the pandemic we were forced to reexamine our lives while re-assessing what gives us meaning and purpose at work.
After two years of facing our mortality, our priorities shifted, they crystalized, and now we want more. We want better.

Research shows that until 2021, better pay was the number one reason people left. Now, novel data is claiming that pay isn’t the
reason why people are dissatisfied or quitting. Rather, it’s burnout, lack of empathy from leaders, and ignoring the lessons from the pandemic.

In this session, Jennifer Moss will offer insights for a better overall experience of work – sharing evidence-based interventions for managing and improving personal well-being.

Jennifer will use reported stories to detail the positive side of the new world of work; what leaders are doing right and why workers have been so receptive – with practical and easy to operationalize solutions.

Points of interest

• (Re)imagine the Future: How to turn our gaze back to the future and decide how we want to be and what we can accomplish when we do.

• (Re)prioritize Autonomy: Understand what flexibility means, why employees care so much about autonomy, and how to use it to create value.

• (Re)build Belonging: How and why to invest in belonging, connection, and friendships, which are more important than ever and more difficult to create in hybrid workplaces.


About the author

Jennifer Moss is an award-winning journalist, author, and international public speaker. Moss also sits on the Global Happiness Council. Her previous books “Unlocking Happiness at Work” and “The Burnout Epidemic” have won multiple awards.


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