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A curious, open mind: How to develop a creative team culture

28. februar 2024
kl. 09.00 - 10.30  CET

Imagine you could awaken your innovative powers precisely at the moments when you need it the most. Imagine having the ability to look at problems from fresh and surprising perspectives, to produce ideas that go beyond industry standards, and inspiring others with your innovative ideas.

That is precisely what our upcoming webinar is all about. We invite you to dive into the book ‘Everyday Innovator’ (DK: Bedre Idéer) written by Ph.D. Christian Byrge, full professor, and internationally recognized expert in business creativity. Here, you will gain a deeper understanding of his many years of discoveries about how to advance creative skills and boost creative confidence.

You now have the opportunity to explore how you can transform yourself and your team (or organization) into a creative idea machine. Interested? Then join this webinar.

This webinar will consist of a one-hour presentation, followed by a 30-minute hands-on workshop. During the workshop, you will gain practical experience in idea creation and how to keep a curious open mind. As a participant, you are welcome to attend the first half of the webinar, but we strongly encourage you to stay for the workshop, where you will have the opportunity for a more hands-on experience.

‘Everyday Innovator’ is a practical guide for developing creative skills and building a creative team culture. Seize the chance to learn how to integrate creativity into your daily workflow and into innovative projects.


Christian Byrge

Christian Byrge is a Ph.D. and a full professor of business creativity at Vilnius University Business School. As an internationally recognized researcher, Christian Byrge has provided creativity training to more than 100,000 professionals from leading organizations around the world. Over the years, he has advised more than 300 organizations on how to develop creativity as a team culture, an effective work process, and a set of valuable leadership and employee skills.
Christian continually strives to develop better methods for advancing creative skills and boosting creative confidence. His latest creativity tools, creative exercises, and open training sessions can be found at: christianbyrge.com.

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