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AI in HR: The Impact of generative AI on trust and perceptions in workplaces

20. november 2024
kl. 14.00 - 15.45  CET

We are thrilled to invite you to this webinar on the potential impact of Generative AI on HR.

In an era where AI and social technologies are rapidly transforming our workplaces, understanding their impact is crucial for HR professionals to future proof our functions and organizations.

Why you should join:

Professor Mor Naaman, a true expert in the field from Cornell Tech, the New York City technology-focused campus of Cornell University will share his insights and knowledge on how Generative AI technologies could reshape the landscape of HR and organizations.

  • Understand the critical role of trust in a world where GenAI is a popular tool for both individuals and organizations.
  • Understand the potential and challenges of “AI-Mediated Communication” on interpersonal dynamics in organizational settings.
  • Get guidance on navigating these advancements in HR practices and as citizens of the world.

The speaker on our webinar ‘AI in HR: The Impact of generative AI on trust and perceptions in workplaces´ is a prominent figure in the field of Information Science. His research primarily focuses on the impact of technologies, such as social media and Generative AI, on our information ecosystem, and our communication.

This event will delve into the research conducted by Prof. Naaman and his team since 2018, on the impact of technologies like GenAI and large language models on how we evaluate, trust, and perceive others online.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert insights from one of the leading voices in the field of Information Science and AI. Prepare your questions and be ready for an engaging Q&A session where Professor Naaman will do his very best to address your queries and concerns.

Mor Naaman

Mor Naaman, Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs at Cornell Tech

Mor Naaman is the Don and Mibs Follett professor of Information Science at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech. He currently serves as Cornell Tech’s Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs.

Prof. Naaman leads a research group looking at topics at the intersection of technology, media and democracy. The group applies multidisciplinary techniques — from machine learning to qualitative social science — to study our information ecosystem and its challenges, with a special focus on AI-mediated communication and its impact on organizations [?] and society.

Before Cornell, he was on the faculty at the Rutgers School of Communication and Information, led a research team at Yahoo! Research Berkeley, received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Stanford University InfoLab, and played professional basketball for Hapoel Tel Aviv.

Mor is also a former startup co-founder, and advises startup companies in social computing and related areas. He is a recipient of a NSF Early Faculty CAREER Award, research awards and grants from numerous corporations including Microsoft, Meta and Google, and multiple best paper awards.

Secure your spot for this must-attend webinar if you want to future proof your HR role and function.

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