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How do HR become Agile?

09. oktober 2018
kl. 12.00 - 16.00  CET

In order to adapt to the rapid change in our society, many organizations have begun to use Agile Development methods. Not only within IT, but in their entire strategic approach to the market.

How do HR become Agile? - NOCA

Agile is a structured way to approach fundamental issues such as planning, customers, validation, timing, decisions and many other key elements in organizational life. As Agile is implemented as a development method it quickly has wide effects on many parts of daily operations – especially HR.

Recent Harvard Business Review articles challenges HR to adapt to the agile mindset;  How do HR become Agile and why it needs to be and HR goes Agile.

Join this meeting to co-create and collaborate on how HR can better understand, support and in some areas adopt the Agile method.

During the meeting you will select the aspect that is most important for you to immerse yourself in.

For example:

  • How do we adapt HR to better support an agile approach to customers, innovation and strategy?
  • How can we do HR work in an Agile manner? i.e. making sprints and user validation work in HR projects
  • How do we do succession planning or create development paths for talents in an agile setup?
  • How do we secure execution, accountability and senior management roles inside agile?
  • How do HR train and support agile units?

True to agile, we have invited a real user of our services: A TDC ‘Tribelead’, a manager working with agile, who will give us insights and challenges from the user-perspective!

You will also be able to hear short and sharp pitches from the following HR-departments:

  • TDC: How we use agile to change faster and with more precision
  • Mærsk: Agile HR development
  • Danske Bank: Agile thinking in Danske Bank
  • Orsted: Using Agile across the organization
  • Velux: Becoming more agile in developing e-learning and blended learning


This is a co-creation workshop

Notice this is a facilitated interactive co-creation workshop. We meet to share knowledge, challenges and best practices in a very active and collaborative manner. You should expect fewer presentations and more time spend on co-creating on the critical issues. You can dive deep into the challenges that you choose to focus on.

Participants that have worked with agile are encouraged to prepare a 5 minutes presentation about their key challenges and insights concerning the agile organization and HR.

Come and learn about agile while discussing how agile is changing the way HR operates. This workshop is about generating new knowledge together and develop new insights on how you can support and/or be more agile.

Target audience

This meeting is for NOCA members that have worked with agile or agile teams and have both insights and challenges they wish to work with together with other members in a co-creative and agile manner.

We speak English

Please forward this invitation to your English-speaking HR-colleagues! They don’t always subscribe to NOCA’s newsletter, but they can benefit fully from this meeting (In groups where everyone speaks Danish, we’ll be speaking Danish however).

Follow this link to learn more about NOCAs theme ‘Organisational Development and Design‘.

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