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How to Lead Hybrid Teams? (online)

28. oktober 2021
kl. 14.00 - 15.30  CET

According to e-leadership expert Surinder Kahai, as more people are working remotely or in hybrid teams, leaders can no loner count on forging relationships with their teams while meeting at the office, in a conference room, or touring a plant, and might have to rethink how they establish and sustain relationships with their teams. 

Hybrid Work - NOCA

Rethink How You Relate to Others

At this NOCA meeting, Surinder will share his research findings, presenting challenges of forming and sustaining relationships in a world of remote work. Surinder outlines three sets of challenges- psychological, relationship, and technological that leaders and HR would do well to recognize and address for employees to continue to enjoy their jobs and be productive. Surinder Kahai will share his perspectives on techniques which leaders and HR can work with to better manage and foster relationships in a virtual and hybrid work environment. 

We will discuss the following questions: 

  • In the virtual workplace, what are some major challenges leaders face in building and sustaining relationships with their teams?
  • What psychological factors should be considered in the move toward more virtual work? 
  • What can leaders do to help improve psychological well-being as staff work remotely?
  • What does it mean for the way HR facilitate leadership and development of competences for the needs of virtual leadership when working with remote and hybrid teams?

Surinder Kahai - NOCA

Surinder Kahai, Associate Professor of Information Systems at SUNY Binghamton, Binghamton University, New York

With his 30+ years’ experience of research Surinder is passionate about motivating and helping business leaders understand and benefit from the intersection of information technology and leadership in organizations. As a professor, speaker, consultant he shares inspirational knowledge and insights on the topics of social media, how leadership is changing in the digital age, how business leaders can effectively lead the implementation and use of information technology, virtual team leadership, and information strategies for productivity & personal growth. 

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