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Successful Succession Planning (Online)

18. maj 2021
kl. 09.00 - 11.30  

Having the right talent, at the right time, at the right place is a common first statement in many HR strategies. The ambition is clear and business-linked, and all efforts in HR often strive towards that exact goal. While all elements of the yearly HR cycle work towards that common goal, there is one process that in its essence strives to secure a pipeline of motivated and competent talents, and that is succession planning.

In practice succession planning relies heavily on the annual people review and also on employee and leadership assessment. It also has ties to compensation and benefits and links to the critical and often underestimated aspect of actually identifying key positions and key personnel in the organization.

The event:

At this NOCA event you will get insight into how other organizations are constructing their succession planning process. Join the event and participate in the discussion of how we can create successful succession planning. We will discuss:  

  • How do we best secure succession planning through the HR yearly cycle? 
  • How can internal mobility support succession planning?  
  • How do we secure an incentive program that support succession planning?
  • How can we work with both specialists and leadership pipelines?

Bojana Zupanič, Head of Succession at Danfoss, will at this event give insight into how to drive a succession planning process in a multinational company with more than 28.000 employees. Bojana will address some of the typical challenges when running a global succession planning processes such as how to define key positions and talent pools as well as how to track progress and focus improvement actions.

Jacob Rye, VP Group HR at FLSmidth, will at this event talk about how FLSmidth is working on securing a pipeline of talents for key positions. Their efforts include significant mapping of key positions and also and extension of the people review process assessing not only performance and potential but also “risk of leaving as well as impact” for each key position holder.  

The speakers:

Jakob Rye - NOCA

Jacob Rye, Head of Group HR, VP, FLSmidth

Jacob has for many years worked as Head of Supply Chain Management at both Telenor and Metro Cash and Carry. Since then, he has been Director of People & Organization Development at FLSmidth, where he is now VP, Head of Group HR.

Jakob Rye - NOCA

Bojana Zupanič, Head of Succession, Danfoss 

Bojana has worked for Danfoss the last 14 years. For the past four years she has been working as Head of Global Talent and Succession. 


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