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From HR reporting to HR analytics

Theme meeting and workshop at Jyske Bank – attend on June 14 in Lyngby or in Silkeborg

For the first time, we are hosting a NOCA meeting at two locations. We connect Lyngby and Silkeborg through technology – so you can easily attend on both sides of the Great Belt.

At this workshop meeting, we will look at the possibilities of moving from HR reporting to HR analytics by building and developing some of the activities we have already started in our organizations. In daily life with few resources for analysis and development, this can be the way to get started with HR analytics. The goal is to optimize some selected existing activities that can create new value in day-to-day operations. 





On the day, Jyske Bank will present a case concerning an increase in absence due to sickness, which led them to dig a little deeper into their database. They were able to identify where in the organization the increase occurred and why it was happening. They furthermore collected data in order to ensure that adequate attention was paid to absence. As a result, they obtained accurate knowledge of the causes of absence and had a proven basis for introducing a more structured follow-up.

The presentation will also provide you with an overview of Jyske Bank’s other HR reports and analyzes. After the presentation, we will divide us into groups and discuss and create an overview of the most important reports and analyzes that are being prepared in our respective organizations. 

In preparation for the meeting, please consider and bring the following to the workshop:

  • A brief description of which 3 reports and analyzes you are most pleased with in your organization
  • Which 3 reports and analyzes you would like to have in the future

After a wrap-up, we will produce an overview of the most important existing and most sought after HR reports and analyzes.  

We meet on June 14, 2017, at noon to start the day with a sandwich and we will finish no later than 4 PM. You can decide yourself if you wish to attend at Klampenborgvej 203 in Lyngby (BRFkredit’s big building) or at Vestergade 8 in Silkeborg (Headquarter of Jyske Bank) – we are testing a new technology with video connectivity and interactive communication between two locations and hope for your active participation!

Let us know where you wish to attend, by sending an e-mail to ja@noca.dk !

This is a meeting for the HR analytics group and all meetings in this group are held in English.


Jyske Bank (BRFkredit’s building)
Klampenborgvej 203
2800 Kongens Lyngby


Jyske Bank (Headquarter)
Vestergade 26C
8600 Silkeborg


14. juni 2017

Kl. 12:00 – 16:00


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