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Enabling Intelligent Organisational Transformation (Online)

24. januar 2022
kl. 16.00 - 17.15  CET

The number of analytics tools and sophisticated applications keeps increasing. More and more organisations are building dedicated analytics groups. Everyone in HR knows the importance of data and analysis when making talented decisions … yet organisations still struggle to put people analytics at the center of human capital decision making and organisational change. 

People Analytics - NOCA

The Separated Twins: People Analytics & Organisational Developments

People analytics and organisational development (OD) are practiced in organisations as almost entirely different professions, yet their principles are very similar. Done the right way, analytics and OD are like twins separated at birth. 

At this NOCA meeting, Dr. Alec Levenson will share his insights in the foundations and overlaps where the worlds of OD and people analytics intersect to create the most meaningful insights and impactful organisational changes, thus allowing intelligent organisational transformation. 

Alec will shed light on how successful change requires the right mix of process, measurement, and action. Combining the best data and measurement tools from the analytics world with the dynamic tools and frameworks used by OD to diagnose, guide and deliver organizational change and transformation programs that work.


Alec R. Levenson - NOCADr. Alec R. Levenson, Senior Research Scientist, Ph.D., Center for Effective Organizations, University of Southern California

Alec’s action research and consulting work with companies optimise job and organisation performance and HR systems through the application of organisation design, job design, human capital analytics, and strategic talent management.

Dr. Levenson’s work with companies combines the best elements of scientific research and practical, actionable knowledge that companies can use to improve performance. He draws from economics, strategy, organization behavior, and industrial-organizational psychology to tackle complex talent and organisational challenges that defy easy solutions. His recommendations focus on the actions organisations should take to make lasting improvements in critical areas. He has trained Human Resource professionals from a broad range of Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies in applying human capital analytics.

Dr. Levenson’s research has been featured in numerous academic and business publications, and in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNN, Associated Press, US News and World Report, National Public Radio, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Marketplace, Fox News, and many other news outlets.

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